Data Connectors for AWS Clean Rooms

Simplify the process of selecting application sources and preparing data for collaborating in AWS Clean Rooms


Data Connectors for AWS Clean Rooms makes it easy for customers to bring data from marketing platforms into a guided workflow and prepare it to be used in a clean room. After selecting from the AWS solutions library, you can deploy Data Connectors for AWS Clean Rooms to launch a user interface that includes AWS Glue DataBrew. This helps customers select application sources for advertising and marketing data, normalize and map the data, and generate metadata catalogs required for a collaboration in AWS Clean Rooms.



Clean Rooms best practices

Follows the AWS Well-Architected Framework for extracting, transforming, and loading customer data into an AWS Glue Data Catalog for data collaboration.

Proactive security

Follows security best practices for protecting sensitive data at rest in Amazon S3 and metadata in AWS Glue Catalog, and identifying and helping the customer safely remove sensitive information from a dataset.

Low code UI

Includes prebuilt connectors with built-in data transformation to accelerate first-party usage for collaboration.

Flexible workflows

Designed for either on-demand or periodic batch operation.

Reduce IT resources

Designed as a managed integration service to off-load the responsibility of monitoring changes to application end points.

Technical details

There are two variations of the Data Connectors for AWS Clean Rooms solution: 

1. Amazon AppFlow for Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

2. Amazon S3 Push

The two solution variations differ in how data arrives into the Amazon S3 inbound data bucket. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud variation pulls data through Amazon AppFlow. The S3 Push variation expects data to arrive from an external source into the inbound data bucket.

  • AppFlow for Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Amazon S3 Push
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Data Clean Rooms
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AppFlow for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

S3 Push
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