AWS End User Computing

Cloud-native virtual desktops, secure web browsers, and application streaming

Why End User Computing?

End User Computing (EUC) services give you the flexibility to choose the optimal virtual desktop, secure browser, or application streaming service for your specific needs—enabling workers to be productive from any supported device, while maintaining a strong security posture, improving agility, and reducing cost.

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Customers of virtually every size and shape trust AWS to be highly secure. EUC services are built on AWS, which is architected to be the most secure cloud infrastructure available today. With EUC services, no user data is stored on the local device, helping protect company and customer data.

EUC services help you to support rapidly changing business requirements—quickly onboarding new employees using company-owned or personal devices and scaling up or down (automatically) with changes in demand. In addition, you can bring your Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces services.

Backed with a 99.9% uptime SLA, EUC services and run in the AWS Cloud across AWS Regions and Availability Zones on Amazon EC2 instances with built-in auto scale load balancing.
EUC services help eliminate on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and management costs, while pay-as-you-go pricing helps ensure you only pay for the resources you use.


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Use Cases

In order to maximize productivity, employees must be able to securely access their virtual desktops and applications from anywhere, at any time. EUC services support workforce continuity through a set of solutions built on AWS that quickly, securely, and cost-effectively facilitate remote work.

Knowledge workers often require a powerful, flexible virtual desktop environment with a variety of specialized applications and productivity tools, like Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. WorkSpaces Family includes a portfolio of services designed for a wide range of knowledge-worker use cases.

Employees working in HR, payroll, accounting, and finance need an end-user computing solution that helps protect sensitive corporate, employee, and customer data. WorkSpaces Family services and AppStream 2.0 gives these workers secure access to the tools they need to do their jobs.

Many organizations leverage temporary staff to increase agility. EUC services enable organizations to scale up or down with the needs of the business, quickly onboarding workers and enabling them to use personal devices for work. Because data is never stored on the end-user’s device, sensitive data is protected.

Modern contact centers employ agents working remotely or from the corporate office. EUC services provide hybrid and remote agents with cost-effective, secure access to web-based applications, internal portals, virtual desktops, and communications tools for seamless agent-to-agent communications.

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