Deliver high-performance remote desktop and application streaming

NICE DCV is a high-performance remote display protocol that provides customers with a secure way to deliver remote desktops and application streaming from any cloud or data center to any device, over varying network conditions. With NICE DCV and Amazon EC2, customers can run graphics-intensive applications remotely on EC2 instances, and stream their user interface to simpler client machines, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated workstations. Customers across a broad range of HPC workloads use NICE DCV for their remote visualization requirements. The NICE DCV streaming protocol is also utilized by popular services, like Amazon Appstream 2.0, AWS Nimble Studio, and AWS RoboMaker.

There is no additional charge to use NICE DCV on Amazon EC2. You pay only for the EC2 resources you use to run and store your workloads.


High Performance

With NICE DCV, you do not need to choose between responsiveness and image quality. The bandwidth-adaptive streaming protocol allows NICE DCV to provide near real-time responsiveness for your applications without compromising on the accuracy of the image.

Optimized Costs

Highly responsive streaming experience allows customers to run graphics-intensive applications remotely without the need for expensive dedicated workstations, or transferring large amounts of data from the cloud to client machines. On Linux systems, NICE DCV also enables multiple sessions to share a single GPU, helping customers to save further on server infrastructure costs.

Flexible Deployments

Multi-OS compatibility and browser based access provides service builders a stable and flexible protocol for streaming applications with support for both cloud and on-premises usage.

Comprehensive Security

NICE DCV streams pixels and not geometries to ensure customer data privacy. In addition, NICE DCV secures both pixels and end-user inputs using TLS protocol to ensure security of customer data.


NICE DCV supports both Windows and Linux remote environments and offers native clients for Windows, Linux, and MacOS as well as an HTML5 client for web browser access. Native clients can support 4K resolution, multiple monitors, and features such as stylus/touch support, USB devices, multi-channel audio, smart cards, and file redirection.

DCV Session Manager makes it easy to programmatically create and manage the lifecycle of NICE DCV sessions across a fleet of servers. NICE DCV web client SDK enables developers to build customized NICE DCV web browser client applications.

How it works


Getting Started with DCV on Amazon EC2


1. Create and activate your AWS account.

2. Sign in to your AWS Management Console.

3.  Select the appropriate NICE DCV AMI from the AWS Marketplace or download and install the appropriate NICE DCV server on your EC2 instance and generate an AMI with your application stack.

4. Deploy EC2 instances with NICE DCV server installed after making sure your security group inbound rules allow traffic on port 8443.


5. Download and install the appropriate NICE DCV native client on your device. 

6. Connect to your remote machine with the NICE DCV native client or web client using https://<public_dns>:8443.


7. Stream your graphics applications across devices using NICE DCV.

Use cases

3D Graphics Visualization

HPC workloads across industry verticals such as Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, and Design & Engineering are getting increasingly complex and consume massive amounts of data. NICE DCV's streaming protocol eliminates the need to ship output files to client devices and provides a smooth and bandwidth-efficient experience to stream HPC 3D graphics remotely.

Browser-based Access to Applications

NICE DCV's Web Client works across any HTML5 browser and combines a responsive streaming experience with portability across mobile devices. The Web Client also reduces IT operational load by eliminating the need to manage native clients without compromising on streaming performance. You can build your own DCV Web Client using the Nice DCV Web Client SDK.

Custom Remote Applications

Custom remote applications and managed services can benefit from the ease of streaming protocol integration that NICE DCV provides. NICE DCV secures both pixels and end-user inputs using end-to-end AES-256 encryption with native clients supporting up to 4 monitors at 4K resolution each.


Amazon EC2:
There is no additional cost for using NICE DCV on AWS. Customers pay only for the EC2 resources that they use.
Third Party Cloud and On-Premises:
For more details on NICE DCV licensing and pricing, please contact NICE distributors or resellers in your region here.



From molecular dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, seismic analysis, to video game development, watch these videos to see examples of different applications streamed remotely via NICE DCV.

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