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Hyperion Research Technology Spotlight

This Hyperion Research technology spotlight examines the dynamics of the fast-evolving Cloud HPC market and why AWS is well positioned to meet the needs of the HPC cloud computing market.

Click to download the complete paper:  Cloud Computing for HPC Comes of Age

Whitepapers, eBooks, and Infographics

Whitepaper:  HPC on AWS Redefines What is Possible

From weather modeling to genome mapping to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, HPC is helping to push the boundaries of what’s possible with advanced computing technologies. Once confined to government labs, large enterprises, and select academic organizations, today it is found across a wide range of industries

Whitepaper:  What a TCO Analysis Won't Tell You

Organizations considering investments in high performance computing (HPC) should look deeply at the hidden costs of on-premises solutions. These factors, including lost productivity and missed innovation, can negatively affect other R&D investments that depend on HPC and thus lower revenues

eBook: HPC on AWS -  Innovation Without Limits

AWS offers a highly customizable platform and robust partner community, allowing teams to collaborate from anywhere without the need for infrastructure upgrades. Reinvigorate enterprise collaboration previously held back by on-premises infrastructure with HPC on AWS

Infographic:  Five Reasons to Run Your HPC Applications in the Cloud

High Performance Computing  has always been about solving the world's most complex problems. For too long, however, HPC applications and workloads have been constrained by limited on-premises infrastructure capacity, high capital expenditures, and the constant need for technology refreshes.

Infographic (HPC for HCLS):  Empowering Researchers to Innovate Without Constraints

With access to virtually unlimited infrastructure, researchers are speeding genomic sequencing, reducing the human burdens of clinical trials, and shortening drug discovery timelines. In this infographic, you will see real-world examples of how life sciences researchers are innovating without constraints by moving their HPC workloads to AWS.

eBook (HPC for HCLS): Powering Breakthroughs in Life Sciences with HPC on AWS

In this eBook, you’ll learn how life sciences researchers are speeding time to results and collaborating securely by moving their HPC workloads to AWS. Genomics researchers derive data insights faster using a cloud-based analysis pipeline, and scientists can optimize clinical trials to accelerate the pace of drug discovery while managing expenses carefully

eBook (HPC for Oil & Gas):  Fueling Innovation in Energy Exploration with HPC on AWS

With HPC on AWS, you can start innovating the way you have always wanted. Whether it is finding oil (seismic processing), producing oil (reservoir simulation), or optimizing production (wellbore, pipeline and facilities simulation), you can stop worrying about the constraints of on-premses HPC infrastucture cost and capacity.

eBook (HPC for FSI):  Competing to Win in Financial Services with HPC on AWS

Market volatility, stringent regulations and intense competition are hallmarks of the financial services industry. In this ebook, learn how financial institutions utilize cloud-based software running on high performance computing platforms—HPC on AWS to make better decisions for risk calculations, stress testing, portfolio optimization, predictive modeling, and more

Whitepaper: Optimizing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Workflows on AWS

Semiconductor and electronics companies using electronic design automation (EDA) can significantly accelerate their product development lifecycle and time to market by taking advantage of the near infinite compute , storage, and resources available on AWS. This whitepaper presents an overview of the EDA workflow, recommendations for moving EDA tools to AWS,  and the specific AWS architectural components to optimize EDA workloads on AWS


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