The AWS Cloud Credits for Research Program (formerly AWS Research Grants) supports researchers who seek to:

  1. Build cloud-hosted publicly available science-as-a-service applications, software, or tools to facilitate their future research and the research of their community.
  2. Perform proof of concept or benchmark tests evaluating the efficacy of moving research workloads or open data sets to the cloud.
  3. Train a broader community on the usage of cloud for research workloads via workshops or tutorials.


AWS will evaluate academic research support proposals from researchers at accredited institutions throughout the year. Awarded amounts will vary depending on the research proposal and usage requirements documented in the proposal, and will be in the form of promotional credits applicable to AWS services. EC2 usage supported by promotional credits will be for on-demand and Spot Instances only.

The quarterly deadlines for submitting grant applications are: March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31. Decisions are typically communicated 2-3 months following the respective quarterly deadline. Note that decisions are sent from "aws-research-credits [AT]" and sometimes get routed to spam.

If you are awarded Promotional Credits for free usage of AWS, the promotional credits will be good for the earlier of 1 year or until the promotional credits have been fully utilized. Please make sure to account for the duration of the promotional credits in your project timeline, as the end date cannot be extended and promotional credits will expire if unused.


For guidance on how to complete this application, please see our FAQ page.


Please use the simple monthly calculator to estimate your monthly AWS bill based on various AWS services to be used, then multiply by the expected duration of your project. If your project involves interruption-tolerant jobs, we strongly encourage you to plan for the use of Spot Instances and alter your budget accordingly. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Proposal description should address the following topics:

1. Brief description of problem to be solved.

2. Proposed AWS solution (including specific AWS tools, timeline, key milestones).

3. Plan for sharing outcomes (tools, data, and/or resources) created during project.

4. Any potential future use of AWS beyond grant duration by individual research group or broader community.

5. Names of any AWS employees you have been in contact with (this is not a prerequisite for the application).

6. Any AWS Public Data Sets to be used in your research.

7. Keywords to facilitate proposal review.

The information you provide is subject to the Privacy Notice. Applicants will be notified by email. Your participation in the AWS Cloud Credits for Research Program is subject to the general AWS Customer Agreement terms or other terms governing your use of AWS services and the AWS Cloud Credits for Resesarch Program Terms and Conditions.