Under the AWS Research Initiative (ARI), AWS and the National Science Foundation (NSF) will respectively support ground-breaking research in the field of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE). With the advancements of technologies and platforms such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and high performance computing (HPC), ARI awards aim to help researchers maximize the value of their NSF grants to accelerate the pace of innovation.


Awards consists of a combination of NSF funds and AWS promotional credits. Researchers from universities and colleges, nonprofits, non-academic organizations, and state and local government can apply via NSF solicitations, requesting AWS as their cloud for research.

Collaboration and Training

The program is expected to foster collaboration between researchers and AWS scientists based on their proposed research domains. AWS participates to support research, and help accelerate innovation in the field. We will also provide training resources, expertise and content support for proposals, as well as tutorials on relevant AWS services.

Research Workshops

We will invite award recipients and the CISE community to research workshops jointly organized with NSF, offering a forum for discussing progress and interacting with other award recipients and Amazon scientists. See updates and announcements for meetings and workshops.

AWS Promotional Credits

Awards include AWS Promotional Credits that can be redeemed toward eligible AWS services.


“In today's era of data-driven science and engineering, we are pleased to work with the AWS Research Initiative via the NSF BIGDATA program, to provide cloud resources for our Nation’s researchers to foster and accelerate discovery and innovation." Dr. Jim Kurose, Assistant Director, Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate (CISE), National Science Foundation (NSF)


“This NSF big data award, coupled with AWS’s advanced computational and analytic services, is expected to help unlock the secrets of interactions among biomolecules that drive human and animal biological processes.” Bin Yu, Chancellor’s Professor at University of California, Berkeley


“I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of this experiment. The graduate students on the project are amazing. They used resources from AWS and Omnibond and developed a new software infrastructure to perform research at a scale and time-to-completion not possible with only campus resources. Per-second billing was a key enabler of these experiments.” Learn more. Professor Amy Apon, Professor and Chair Division of Computer Science School of Computing

Applicants may request AWS as their cloud for research via NSF solicitations. Requests for AWS Cloud Credits must adhere to a 70-30 split between NSF funding and cloud service equivalents, respectively. Tools for cost estimation in the proposal may include our Simple Monthly Calculator for AWS compute, storage and networking costs, as well as the Spot Instance Advisor or AWS Spot Bid Advisor[LR1] for Spot Instances pricing. Click here for details on 2018 solicitations.

Please contact Sanjay Padhi, Ph.D., AWS Representative for NSF, using the form below.