Getting started with HPC on AWS

There are several ways to get started with HPC on AWS. Start experimenting with AWS yourself with a sample project or tutorial, gain deeper insight through whitepapers and videos, or find a partner to get hands-on guidance. 

Getting started video tutorials

How to set up your first HPC cluster on AWS

How to set up Elastic Fabric Adapter

Configuring multiple queues and instance types

FSx for Lustre for compute-intensive workloads

Getting started projects

Getting started running HPC workloads on AWS

Access on-demand, scalable resources for your High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads. Follow along to these self-guided tutorials to learn how to set up a variety of HPC workloads on AWS.
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Create an elastic HPC cluster using AWS ParallelCluster

Launch a fully-functional HPC environment, create a sample job submission service, and review important concepts along the way.

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Getting started with Amazon FSx for Lustre

It is easy to sign up for AWS and start using FSx for Lustre to run your compute-intensive workloads on AWS. Here are the simple steps to get started.

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Getting started with Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA)

In this tutorial, you create an EFA-enabled AMI and an EFA-enabled security group, and then launch EFA-enabled instances into a cluster placement group using that AMI and security group
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Learn more about AWS services for HPC

Learn about all the AWS services you can use to build an HPC solution on AWS

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Get started with HPC on AWS

Build your first HPC cluster on AWS

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