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There are several ways to get started with HPC on AWS. Start experimenting with AWS yourself with a sample project or tutorial, gain deeper insight through whitepapers and videos, or find a partner to get hands-on guidance.

Try a simple hands-on tutorial to familiarize yourself with the services you can use for your HPC workload.

Read in-depth whitepapers for best practices and architectural guidance about HPC workloads on AWS.

Title Summary Download
An Introduction to High Performance Computing on AWS This whitepaper cpvers HPC best practices, use cases, and cost optimization. Download PDF
AWS Well-Architected Framework: HPC Lens This whitepaper covers common HPC scenarios and identifies key elements to ensure your workloads are architected according to best practices. Download PDF

Watch instructional videos and talks to learn more about HPC on AWS.

High Performance Computing (HPC) on AWS
Building clusters as code in the (almost) infinite cloud
Tuesday Night Live with James Hamilton

AWS Partners provide professional services or software solutions to enable workloads on AWS. Browse our selection of featured partners for HPC applications and learn more.