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Learn about Breakout Sessions for APN Partners at the San Francisco Summit

The AWS San Francisco Summit is less than a month away, and we’re excited to tell you about four sessions we’ll be hosting on April 9th for APN Partners:

Title:  “Building a Transformational APN Partner Business for the Enterprise”

Abstract:  Enterprises need APN Partners to help them transform their businesses and utilize the advantages that cloud provides in creating business value. AWS will share with APN Partners the business best practices, programs and resources for building and growing AWS-based solutions and services that address the needs of the enterprise. We will share with you the cloud perspective from the CIO point of view, from former CIO of Dow Jones, Stephen Orban. At Dow Jones, Orban he introduced modern software development methodologies, reduced costs, and administered a cloud first policy by leveraging AWS and other SaaS partners.  You will learn what the C-level needs from APN Partners and what will make you stand out as a transformational partner.  

Title:  “Best Practices for Building Partner Managed Services on AWS”

Abstract:  As more and more customers move mission-critical workloads to the cloud, there is increasing demand for Managed Service Providers to help customers migrate and then operate those customer environments on an ongoing basis. This session will describe some of the key considerations for Managed Service Providers operating on AWS. You’ll hear from APN Partners who have learned and adapted their operations to provide high-quality managed services. You’ll also learn about the AWS Managed Service Program and how it provides a framework of best practices for APN Partners to find success in this rapidly expanding space.  Join us if you are a business professional who is interested in expanding into the cloud MSP space, or a technical professional who wants an understanding of the technical best practices from successful cloud MSPs.

Title:  “Cloud Migration, Application Modernization and Security for APN Partners”

Abstract: As AWS continues to expand, enterprise customers are increasingly looking to our APN Partner ecosystem to assist in migrating their workloads to the cloud. This session describes the challenges, lessons learned and best practices for large scale application migrations. We will use real examples from our consulting partners and AWS Professional Services to illustrate how to move workloads to the cloud while modernizing the associated applications to take advantage of AWS’ unique benefits. We will also dive into how to use an array of AWS services and features to improve a customer’s security posture as they are migrating and once they are up and running in the cloud.

Title:  “Building and Growing Your SaaS Offering on AWS for APN Partners

Abstract:  Are you a Technology Partner that is looking to stay ahead to the curve? Wondering how to massively expand your product reach and shorten sales cycles?  SaaS is quickly becoming a prevalent model for accelerating your sales efforts, enabling customer trials and delivering a highly available, scalable and dynamic solution to your customers. This session will explore how AWS and the SaaS Partner Program can assist your business with building and growing your SaaS application on AWS and teach you some AWS best practices for building your SaaS on AWS.


To register for the AWS San Francisco Summit, click here. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have the opportunity to select each of these sessions. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.