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Learn More Through APN Webcast!

Over the past six weeks, new webcasts have been added to the APN Portal, covering topics including various AWS 101 material, AWS Quick Start deep dives, and APN Marketing content.

What’s Been Recently Added? 

Below is a list of the on-demand videos that are now available for you to enjoy on your own time:

  • SAP on AWS
  • AWS for Developers
  • Big Data on AWS
  • Trend Micro Deep Security on the AWS Cloud
  • AWS 101 Application Services
  • AWS 101 Compute
  • AWS 101 Database
  • AWS 101 Deployment and Management
  • AWS 101 Enterprise Applications
  • AWS 101 Mobile Services
  • AWS 101 Networking
  • AWS 101 Storage and Content Delivery
  • AWS 101 Administration and Security

Log in to the APN Portal to view our shorter length, on-demand, and up to date videos that will help you familiarize yourself with APN Benefits and AWS Services.