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Launch Enterprise Workloads on AWS in 15 Minutes or Less with Quick Launch Reference Deployments

AWS Quick Starts help you rapidly deploy fully functional enterprise software like Microsoft SharePoint and SAP HANA on the AWS cloud, following AWS best practices for security and availability. AWS CloudFormation templates automate the deployment and a deployment guide describes the architecture and customization options.

Introducing the Quick Launch Option for AWS Quick Starts

It’s now even easier to automate the deployment of key enterprise workloads in your AWS account. If you’d like to do a trial run, you can now try the quick launch option to deploy the same workload in 15 minutes or less. This option uses a preconfigured Amazon Machine Image (AMI) so you can deploy the workload very quickly without having to build your system from scratch. For example, you can set up Exchange Server 2013 in about 15 minutes and test it for up to 60 days. You can choose the custom launch option when you’re ready for production, or if you want to customize your deployment.

Try it now by choosing one of the solutions on the AWS Quick Start site and selecting the Quick Launch option.