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Launch: AWS Service Catalog Integration with AWS Budgets

It is a uniquely difficult challenge to build a product that unifies something complex into something approachable and immediately usable. This theme was explored in a recent post about AWS Marketplace cost management, and today we’re going to dive into my new obsession: AWS Service Catalog. AWS Service Catalog gives you the ability to create […]

Launch: AWS Budgets Integration with AWS Chatbot

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’m not sure about the state of your inbox, but mine could certainly use some spring (summer) cleaning. And, based on the emails currently stacking up—my abject apologies if these missives belong to any of you—it appears that many of you are in the same boat. With the noble goal of helping […]

Launch: Variable Budget Targets for Cost and Usage Budgets

AWS Budgets gives you the ability to create custom budgets based on your costs, usage, or reservations. You receive alerts when you exceed (or are forecasted to exceed) your budgeted amount. Using the new AWS Budgets planning features, you can specify variable budget targets for each month or quarter for up to one year in […]