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A month or so ago, I attended a SOA Conference and Business Process Management Conference (there were multiple conferences in one venue), put on by the BrainStorm Group in Chicago. Lots of serious enterprise architect types attended the conference, where they were able to share their experience and learnings with others, as well as hear about the state of the art in the industry. I presented–of course–on Amazon Web Services.

Mike Rosen was one of the conference co-chairs. In addition to being co-chair for Brainstorm’s SOA conference, he is also Director of Enterprise Architecture for Cutter Consortium, where he writes a weekly email advisor. Mike forwarded me a recent article that he wrote on Amazon Web Services. (By the way, Mike used to be Chief Enterprise Architect at IONA Technologies.)

It’s always interesting to read what others say about a particular product or technology. You’ll need to sign up for the newsletter in order to read the complete article; however in part Mike wrote “it’s hard to imagine building an equivalently redundant, scalable, and available storage and compute platform at anywhere near the low cost of using Amazon”.

He continued by saying what we’re hearing over and over: “The real boon is for small and medium businesses that now have access to a world-class data center for less than the cost of a laptop. Imagine how this changes the cost of entry for new and startup businesses. I expect to see some dramatic examples of this in the near future. In the meantime, think about how your business might be able to make use of these services. Your competitor probably will”.

The laptop analogy in interesting. Are we on the cusp of desert-island business models? Where do I sign up to beta-test running my business from a sailboat in Raratonga? :)

— Mike

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