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New – EBS Direct APIs – Programmatic Access to EBS Snapshot Content

EBS Snapshots are really cool! You can create them interactively from the AWS Management Console: You can create them from the Command Line (create-snapshot) or by making a call to the CreateSnapshot function, and you can use the Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) to set up automated snapshot management. All About Snapshots The snapshots are stored […]

Vertica / Sonian / Amazon Webinar

Earlier this year I talked about the unique and powerful AWS-powered solutions offered by Vertica and Sonian. Tomorrow (August 21st), I will be taking part in a unique, three-party webinar. In the webinar you’ll get to hear from me, from Vertica Field Engineering Director Omer Trajman, and from Sonian CTO Greg Arnette. The webinar will […]

Lots of Bits

In January of 2008 we announced that the Amazon Web Services now consume more bandwidth than do the entire global network of retail sites. CEO Jeff Bezos has been showing a chart of the relative bandwidth usage and I just received permission to post it here: Pretty cool, huh? — Jeff;

An Interesting Newsletter Article

A month or so ago, I attended a SOA Conference and Business Process Management Conference (there were multiple conferences in one venue), put on by the BrainStorm Group in Chicago. Lots of serious enterprise architect types attended the conference, where they were able to share their experience and learnings with others, as well as hear […]

Amazon EC2 and SOA Suites : Great Article

I love it, when people innovate! Mamoon Yunus and team wrote an excellent article on Dr. Dobbs Journal that adds a new dimension to Amazon EC2 use cases. In the article, they are combining the power of Amazon EC2 with existing SOA Suites and BPEL Engines They discuss the key features of some great products/technologies […]

Shopping For Real: Amazon Web Services in Second Life

A few weeks ago, as reported on my personal blog, I was interviewed within and about Second Life by a pair of reporters for the Second Life Business Magazine. The new issue was released late last night and I wasted no time downloading it and looking for the resulting article! If you would like to […]

Quick Links

I’m just about to head downstairs to give my talk to the IEEE International Conference on Web Services, so this will be a really short entry. First,  Mamoon’s SOA  Testing Blog reports on his use of Amazon EC2. This entire entry is worth reading, but here are a few tidbits: “I love the fact that […]

Friday Wrapup

I’m just about to sign off in anticipation of a vacation week devoid of computers, Blackberries, web services, blogs, and even Second Life. Before I go, here are a few things to keep you busy in the week to come. In addition to releasing that new version of Blueorganizer, Alex Iskold just published a very […]