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S3 Roundup

There’s a lot going on with Amazon’s new S3 service; here’s a quick roundup of some of what I’ve seen in the last couple of days: Over at InfoWorld, Jon Udell proposes S3 as a piece of politically neutral architecture. Mitch Garnaat has created BitBucket, a set of Python scripts for S3 access. There’s even […]

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Free ISBN Web Service

From The Programmable Web comes word of, a large database of  books indexed by ISBN. Of interest to developers is the fact that there is a complete (and free) REST API. Items in the site are organized (and accessible) via book, subject, category, author, and publisher index. Several (ok, many) ECS developers have asked […]

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AWS with PHP and Ajax

Ajax Magazine is running a multi-part series on the use of PHP and Ajax to create an AWS-powered application: Part 1 is already up. It creates a basic site with dynamic search functionality. Part 2 adds price  comparison across the 6 Amazon sites supported by ECS. Part 3 adds browsing functionality. Part 4 adds a […]

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Two New Tutorials: ECS and PHP 5

IBM developerWorks has published two tutorials on how to use ECS with PHP 5: Create an Amazon storefront using PHP, Part 1: Getting content with Amazon ECS This is the first of a two-part tutorial that constructs an Amazon storefront using PHP and the Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS). The storefront constructed will allow shoppers to […]

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Mechanical Turk Controller Class in C#

Over at, Andrew has released a nice C# class which provides a clean and simple way to access the Mechanical Turk. Andrew’s code implements a TurkController class with clean, simple methods like GetQualificationRequests(), GetQualificationTypes(), ApproveQualification(), GetAccountBalance(), CreateQualification(), CreateHIT(), GetReviewableHITs(), DisposeHIT(), and so forth. It uses the SOAP version of the APIs and handles the […]

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Amazon ECS.Net Library

AmazonECS.Net is a free, open source .Net library. The library was used to build the DVDs Universe site. Classes are provided to represent many ECS search and lookup operations including requests for item details, new releases, browse node children, browse node paths, similar items, top sellers, and the shopping cart. The site also includes demos […]

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