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AWS and The Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF/E is Microsoft’s next-generation presentation for creating rich web experiences. Using an XML vocabulary known as XAML, WPF/E supports both cross-browser and desktop applications which run on Windows and on the Mac. If you would like to learn a bit about the use of WPF/E in conjunction with the Amazon E-Commerce Service, you should check […]

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Precious – Ruby, Gems and AWS

Ruby got a new face-lift with the new Rails framework. I was always fascinated with the Ruby language. 25 lines of Java code gets shrunk to 4 lines of equivalent Ruby code plus its more readable. And with Rails, it gets a new kick. It is always impressive to hear people say “I am a […]

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Using SOAPSonar to Provision Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Mamoon Yunus, author of the SOA Testing Blog and advisor to Crosscheck Networks sent me a link to an interesting and relevant How-To document. Using SOAPSonar to Provision Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud covers downloading and installation of a free trial version of Crosscheck’s SOAPSonar product and then shows the steps needed to load the X.509 […]

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Quick Picks for Friday

I use a handful of web and blog search engines which produce RSS feeds that I monitor to find interesting developments for this blog. Here are a few recent findings: There’s a new version of Ruby/Amazon. Brian Krow is looking at S3 and Jungledisk, and wondering where he left his tape drive. David Aiken is […]

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Openfount Queued Server

The Openfount Queued Server looks really interesting. It took me a little while to understand the architecture, but this was time well spent. Basically, this technology interposes a set of processing queues between a web client and a backend server. The queues are apparently implemented using our S3 and SQS services. The client never talks […]

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Using AWS and XSLT to create JSON

It is always interesting to see how a developer’s background, experiences, and the contents of their “mental toolkit” come together in unique approaches to problem solving and creative thinking. Here’s an example of what I am talking about. Alan Taylor of has been building applications with AWS since the early days, starting out with […]

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