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Box Platform on AWS Marketplace – Lambda Blueprints & Sample Code

Update (May 17, 2021) – The AWS Marketplace AMI that was formerly linked in the opening paragraph of this blog post is no longer available. Box is a cloud-based file sharing and content management system. With an array of features for collaboration and an emphasis on security, Box has found a home in many enterprises […]

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Roundup of AWS HIPAA Eligible Service Announcements

At AWS we have had a number of HIPAA eligible service announcements. Patrick Combes, the Healthcare and Life Sciences Global Technical Leader at AWS, and Aaron Friedman, a Healthcare and Life Sciences Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, have written this post to tell you all about it. -Ana We are pleased to announce that the […]

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Running Express Applications on AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway

Express is a web framework for Node.js . It simplifies the development of “serverless” web sites, web applications, and APIs. In a serverless environment, most or all of the backend logic is run on-demand in a stateless fashion (see Mike Roberts’ article on Serverless Architectures for a more detailed introduction). AWS Lambda, when used in […]

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API Gateway Update – New Features Simplify API Development

Amazon API Gateway allows you to quickly and easily build and run application backends that are robust and scalable. With the recent addition of usage plans, you can create an ecosystem of partner developers around your APIs. Let’s review some terminology to start things off: Endpoint – A URL (provided by API Gateway) that responds […]

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