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New and Cool – VPN-Cubed & Glue

Two of my friends, coincidentally named Alexis and Alex, emailed me yesterday with information about their latest and greatest AWS-powered products.

Vpn_cubed Alexis works for CohesiveFT.

Their new product, VPN-Cubed, creates encrypted, private VPN (Virtual  Private Network) connections between endpoints in a single cloud, between multiple clouds, and between the cloud and a physical data center.

Corporate customers (such as the ones I met at yesterday’s Architecture and Integration Summit in Minneapolis) are taking a serious look at EC2. When they do so, they invariably ask about security. Products like VPN-Cubed are of immense value in this situation, providing customers of this type with important new ways to securely move data from place to place in a secure and totally protected fashion.

Read the VPN-Cubed datasheet to learn more, or flip through the 30-slide overview on SlideShare.

Update: The Rational Security blog has a really nice review of the product: CohesiveFT VPN-Cubed: Not Your Daddy’s Encrypted Tunnel.


Alex is CEO of AdaptiveBlue. He was delighted to tell me that they just completed their Series B funding round (congratulations) and also mentioned that they have some open developer positions in their New York City office.

Glue They have just released Glue, a new way to share favorites and connect with like-minded friends online as they navigate through popular web sites. You can easily what your friends think about books, movies, music, stocks, restaurants, and more, even if information about the subject is scattered across more than one site.

Learn more by reading the blog post, watching the movie, and then get Glue. Glue was built using EC2, S3, and  SimpleDB.

And with that, time to head to the airport to fly home to Seattle!

— Jeff;

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