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Ruby, Rest, S3

Dominic Da Silva has written a new article, Ruby for the REST of Us: Using Ruby and REST to Integrate with Amazon S3. In the article, Dominic introduces Ruby, REST and Amazon S3. He then goes on to cover the AWS registration process, and then proceeds to describe rSh3ll (pronounce it “r-shell” and your tongue […]

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ECS and the Zend Framework

Noted author Jason Gilmore slipped me a note about his new article, Automating Amazon Research with the Zend Framework. In this article, Jason talks about how he used the Zend Framework to write an application to track the Amazon sales rank of Apress’ line of computer science books over time. Jason uses 5 Zend components […]

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Using ECS with PHP5 and the PEAR SOAP Class

PEAR is a set of classes that simplify the process of writing PHP code by providing robust, high-level abstractions. The current version of PHP contains a SOAP class which fits this model quite well. Instead of having to deal with many of the gory details intrinsic to making SOAP calls and to handling results, you […]

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AWS Technical Notes

We have started to publish technical notes on topics of interest to the AWS developer community. The first two notes cover Caching IP Addresses and Sorting by Sales Rank. There’s also an RSS feed for each collection of notes (general, ECS, and so forth).

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New Ways to Look at XSLT

Over at Ask Metafilter, a questioner asks “When you imagine XSLT transformations happening in your mind’s eye, what does it look like?” This is a very powerful question to ask, because ancient, procedurally oriented developers like me sometimes have trouble following the non-linear, pattern-driven processing that takes place when an XSLT template is applied to […]

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.Net Code Sample: Sign an AWS Request

The good folks over at the .Net Adventures blog have posted some .Net sample code to illustrate the process of signing an AWS request. This code should make it just a little bit easier for .Net developers to create the next great Mechanical Turk or Historical Pricing application. Update: There’s also an Active X control […]

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