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Transaction Library for DynamoDB

Today we are introducing a new client library that will reduce the development effort needed for you to perform atomic transactions that can encompass multiple DynamoDB items in one or more tables. This allows you to develop those applications more easily on DynamoDB that until now either required relational databases (with their attendant scalability issues) […]

Scalable Session Handling in PHP Using Amazon DynamoDB

Jeremy Lindblom of the AWS Developer Services team put together the following guest post to show PHP developers how to store session data in Amazon DynamoDB. — Jeff; The DynamoDB Session Handler is a new feature of the AWS SDK for PHP which allows developers to utilize Amazon DynamoDB the brand new NoSQL database service […]

High Performance Multithreaded Access to Amazon SimpleDB

  The code samples described in this post are no longer available. Please consider using Amazon DynamoDB for new applications. We have just released a new code sample. Written in Java, this new sample shows how Amazon SimpleDB can be used as a repository for metadata which describes objects stored in Amazon S3. The code […]

Video Bandwidth Protector

Bill Myers wrote to tell me about his Video Bandwidth Protector for Amazon S3. As Bill says: I developed this program to make it easy to store and display videos and Camtasia movies at Amazon S3 storage, while at the same time, making it very difficult for others to steal bandwidth via unauthorized display of […]

Simple Code to Access the Alexa Web Information Service

My friend Adam Rifkin just pointed me at some simple PHP code to access the Alexa Web Information Service. You will need PHP 5 and the mhash library. You can find even more such code in the Resource Center. Thanks Adam! — Jeff; Modified 2/11/2021 – In an effort to ensure a great experience, expired […]

Book Excerpt: Refining your Search with Browse Nodes

In conjunction with author Jason Levitt, we are pleased to bring you a chapter-length excerpt from his AWS book. This chapter covers the use of browse nodes to make searches return results that are more relevant. Thanks, Jason, for helping to make this happen. — Jeff; Modified 1/25/2021 – In an effort to ensure a […]

Ruby, Rest, S3

Dominic Da Silva has written a new article, Ruby for the REST of Us: Using Ruby and REST to Integrate with Amazon S3. In the article, Dominic introduces Ruby, REST and Amazon S3. He then goes on to cover the AWS registration process, and then proceeds to describe rSh3ll (pronounce it “r-shell” and your tongue […]