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Using ECS with PHP5 and the PEAR SOAP Class

Php_soap_pear_ecs PEAR is a set of classes that simplify the process of writing PHP code by providing robust, high-level abstractions.

The current version of PHP contains a SOAP class which fits this model quite well. Instead of having to deal with many of the gory details intrinsic to making SOAP calls and to handling results, you can simply instantiate the class using a WSDL file, attach some parameters, and then make remote web service calls as easily as you call local functions.

In a new article titled Using Amazon E-Commerce Services with SOAP you can find a complete set of step-by-step directions to make SOAP calls to ECS, control the type and amount of data returned by using response groups, step through the returned results 10 at a time, retrieve similarities, and access wishlists.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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