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AWS Partner Post Spotlight: Attunity

Partners are a vital part of the AWS ecosystem, and AWS Partners have made important contributions to the AWS Big Data Blog.

This month’s Partner Post Spotlight is on Attunity, who co-authored the post “Using Attunity CloudBeam at UMUC to Replicate Data to Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift.” Their post explains how UMUC used Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift to automate and accelerate data loading and incremental changes from heterogeneous data sources to Amazon Redshift.

AWS Big Data Competency Program

Attunity holds the Big Data Competency with a focus on Data Integration. The AWS Big Data Competency program features big data partner solutions, validated by the AWS Partner Competency Program, to help you build a complete big data solution. To learn more about AWS Big Data Competency Partners, visit our Big Data Partner Solutions page.

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