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Amazon MQ for ActiveMQ cross-region data replication architecture

Introducing Amazon MQ cross-Region data replication for ActiveMQ brokers

This post is written by Dominic Gagné, Senior Software Development Engineer, and Vinodh Kannan Sadayamuthu, Senior Solutions Architect Amazon MQ now supports cross-Region data replication for ActiveMQ brokers. This feature enables you to build regionally resilient messaging applications and makes it easier to set up cross-Region message replication between ActiveMQ brokers in Amazon MQ. This […]

Solution architecture overview for sending messages

Integrating IBM MQ with Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS using Apache Camel

This post is written by Joaquin Rinaudo, Principal Security Consultant and Gezim Musliaj, DevOps Consultant. IBM MQ is a message-oriented middleware (MOM) product used by many enterprise organizations, including global banks, airlines, and healthcare and insurance companies. Customers often ask us for guidance on how they can integrate their existing on-premises MOM systems with new […]

Batching controls with Lambda event source mapping

Introducing AWS Lambda batching controls for message broker services

This post is written by Mithun Mallick, Senior Specialist Solutions Architect. AWS Lambda now supports configuring a maximum batch window for instance-based message broker services to fine tune when Lambda invocations occur. This feature gives you an additional control on batching behavior when processing data. It applies to Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon […]

Authenticating and authorizing Amazon MQ users with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

This post is written by Dominic Gagné and Mithun Mallick. Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ that simplifies setting up and operating message brokers in the AWS Cloud. Integrating an Amazon MQ broker with a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server allows you to manage credentials and permissions for […]

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Using Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ as an event source for Lambda

Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ is an AWS managed version of RabbitMQ. The service manages the provisioning, setup, and maintenance of RabbitMQ, reducing operational overhead for companies. Now, with Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ as an event source for AWS Lambda, you can process messages from the service. This allows you to integrate Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ […]

Implementing FIFO message ordering with Amazon MQ for Apache ActiveMQ

This post is contributed by Ravi Itha, Sr. Big Data Consultant Messaging plays an important role in building distributed enterprise applications. Amazon MQ is a key offering within the AWS messaging services solution stack focused on enabling messaging services for modern application architectures. Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ that […]

Deploy and publish to an Amazon MQ broker using AWS serverless

If you’re managing a broker on premises or in the cloud with a dependent existing infrastructure, Amazon MQ can provide easily deployed, managed ActiveMQ brokers. These support a variety of messaging protocols that can offload operational overhead. That can be useful when deploying a serverless application that communicates with one or more external applications that […]