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API Gateway throttling

Building well-architected serverless applications: Regulating inbound request rates – part 1

This series of blog posts uses the AWS Well-Architected Tool with the Serverless Lens to help customers build and operate applications using best practices. In each post, I address the serverless-specific questions identified by the Serverless Lens along with the recommended best practices. See the introduction post for a table of contents and explanation of the example application. Reliability question REL1: […]

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Using serverless to load test Amazon API Gateway with authorization

This post was written by Ashish Mehra, Sr. Solutions Architect and Ramesh Chidirala, Solutions Architect Many customers design their applications to use Amazon API Gateway as the front door and load test their API endpoints before deploying to production. Customers want to simulate the actual usage scenario, including authentication and authorization. The load test ensures […]

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Prototyping at speed with AWS Step Functions new Workflow Studio

AWS recently introduced Workflow Studio for AWS Step Functions. This is a new visual builder for creating Step Functions workflows in the AWS Management Console. This post shows how to use the Workflow Studio for rapid workflow prototyping. It also explains how to transition to local development, integrating the prototype with your infrastructure as code […]

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Introducing the Amazon EventBridge service integration for AWS Step Functions

This post is courtesy of Stephen Liedig, Sr Serverless Specialist SA. AWS Step Functions now integrates with Amazon EventBridge to provide a simpler solution for producing events during a workflow. Step Functions allows you to build resilient serverless orchestration workflows with AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, Amazon DynamoDB, and more. Step Functions […]

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Modeling workflow input and output path processing with data flow simulator

AWS Step Functions recently introduced a new data flow simulator to model input and output path processing. This new feature makes it easier to evaluate JSON-based input and output data as it passes through a state, helping to build workflows faster. Developers build Step Functions workflows to orchestrate multiple services into business-critical applications with minimal […]

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