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Schema validation

Managing federated schema with AWS Lambda and Amazon S3

Schema Management is a non-trivial challenge in federated GQL systems. The highest risk to your system availability comes with the potential of introducing breaking schema change by one of the graphlets. Your system cannot serve any requests after that. There is the problem of the delayed feedback loop for the engineers working on schema changes and the impact of schema composition during runtime on the service latency.

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Workflow execution result

Building a serverless distributed application using a saga orchestration pattern

This post showed how to implement the saga orchestration pattern using API Gateway, Step Functions, Lambda, DynamoDB, and .NET Core 3.1. This can help maintain data integrity in distributed transactions across multiple services. Step Functions makes it easier to implement the orchestration in the saga pattern.

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Solution architecture

Sending mobile push notifications and managing device tokens with serverless applications

This blog shows how to deploy a serverless solution for validating and managing SNS platform endpoints and tokens. To publish push notifications successfully, use SNS to check the endpoint attribute and ensure it is mapped to the correct token and the endpoint is enabled.

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Authenticating and authorizing Amazon MQ users with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

This post is written by Dominic Gagné and Mithun Mallick. Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ that simplifies setting up and operating message brokers in the AWS Cloud. Integrating an Amazon MQ broker with a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server allows you to manage credentials and permissions for […]

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