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AWS EUC @re:Invent: Creating remote work environments that optimize security and productivity with Capital One

Have you ever considered delivering your remote work environment through AWS? Did you know you that doing so will also optimize remote work security and productivity?

Remote work comes with a number of challenges. Remote work delivered through AWS End User Computing (EUC) can improve the employee experience while addressing these challenges.

At AWS re:Invent, join us in the session EUC 204 – Creating remote work environments that optimize security and productivity. Joshua Hartwig of Capital One, Melissa Stein, and I, will cover the various ways to use virtual desktop infrastructure in the cloud with Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0. These services can help keep your data in the data center while also providing high-performance, low-latency architecture to keep end users happy.

We hope to see you many of you live, in Vegas, for this re:Invent session. For those of you who aren’t able to make it, here’s a sneak peek at some of the innovative ways Capital One is using AWS End User Computing services.

Capital One automates virtual desktop delivery for remote workers

Capital One, a top 10 US Bank and leading software company, had a legacy VDI environment hosted in the cloud. Capital One provides VDI capabilities for over 5,000 customers spanning numerous 3rd parties across the globe. During the pandemic they found that their legacy platform could not service the rapid turnaround needed to grow the environment. Furthermore, the legacy platform required a ‘pay up front’ model, lacked API integration capabilities, and did not scale to their needs.

The Capital One EUC team went back to the drawing board and focused on core requirements. They wanted a solution that could support ‘Pay as you go’, API integrations and be as scalable as they needed it to be.

They selected Amazon WorkSpaces as a VDI solution because they knew Amazon would have a scalable, cost effective, integrated solution. By moving to a pay-as-you-go model, they are saving money while growing the platform by 25%.

Capital One has been all-in on AWS, their investments in talent and tooling made Workspaces an attractive VDI solution. By merging those capabilities, they have been able to build a fully self-service solution where customers can request, approve, and receive a Workspace in less than 30 minutes*. They are able to provide customers cost transparency and the ability to rapidly react to staffing changes.

“After migrating users from our legacy platform to Amazon WorkSpaces, we went from a 3 day manual provisioning turn around to fully automated zero-touch provisioning process. What used to take days, by automating the Amazon WorkSpaces provisioning process, now takes less than an hour.”

– Nasir Baig, Operations Manager Capital One

Capital One is impressed with Amazon WorkSpaces and excited about the future of EUC products that AWS has to offer.

To learn more and reserve your seat for this break out session please visit EUC 204. If reserved seating is full, do plan to join us as we always leave about 25% of the room for walk-ins. There’s more AWS End User Computing fun planned. Join us at AWS End User Computing Reception at AWS re:Invent 2022 on Wednesday evening, November 30th.

This blog was co-authored by Joshua Hartwig, Director of Virtual Desktop Engineering, Capital One.

*30 minutes is an average for the Capital One implementation. Exact time to deployment may vary slightly depending on customer implementation.

Stephen Stetler

Stephen Stetler

Senior Solution Architect, AWS End User Computing

Melissa Stein

Director of Product, AWS End User Computing

Josh Hartwig

Joshua Hartwig

Director Associate Experience Engineering, Capital One