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Key considerations for single versus multi-session Amazon AppStream 2.0

Key considerations for single versus multi-session fleets on Amazon AppStream 2.0

With Amazon AppStream 2.0, users securely stream their applications and/or selectively persistent desktops. As an administrator, you provide each user with their own instance for their streaming session, or share those resources and host multiple users per instance. When using well-architected principles, AppStream 2.0 multi-session fleets can help you substantially reduce costs. However, there are […]

Cost Optimizer for Amazon AppStream 2.0 on The Solutionist

One of the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework is cost optimization. Best practices in that pillar include COST01-BP05: report and notify on cost optimization. To help accomplish that, I developed the Cost Optimizer for Amazon AppStream 2.0. It alerts you when AppStream 2.0 app block builders and image builders are active for longer than […]

Unified access to AWS End User Computing services

AWS End User Computing (EUC) services include a variety of virtual desktop and application streaming solutions designed to solve a wide array of customer needs. Amazon WorkSpaces provide users with fully managed, cloud-native persistent desktops. With Amazon AppStream 2.0, users securely stream their applications and/or selectively persistent desktops at scale. Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser provides […]

Connect Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP to Amazon AppStream 2.0 Linux instances

Customers use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to deploy fleets of virtualized desktops and applications to their end customers, and supports a myriad of persistent storage solutions. AppStream 2.0 provides out-of-box functionality with many common storage options for users of your organization such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon WorkDocs, Google Drive for G Suite, and […]

Automation of infrastructure and application deployment for Amazon AppStream 2.0 with Terraform

Cloud native application streaming enables end users to access native applications from any device, anywhere, and any time. Amazon AppStream 2.0 service enables application vendors and organizations to simplify and accelerate their native application delivery. As the demand for this service grows, the need to fully automate the deployment gains significance. Orchestrating AppStream 2.0 end-to-end […]

Optimize end user experience for Zoom® on Amazon AppStream 2.0

Customers using Amazon AppStream 2.0 frequently encounter end user experience challenges while using collaboration tools like Zoom®. It can be mitigated by adhering to key recommendations and best practices that can significantly streamline the operations related to AppStream 2.0 environment. In this blog, we will delve into a similar scenario in one of our global […]

Collaborative Neuron Tracing on AWS

HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia has an integrated team of lab scientists and tool-builders who pursue a small number of scientific questions with potential for transformative impact. To drive science forward, we share our methods, results, and tools with the scientific community. Introduction To study how the brain works, researchers often begin with […]

Overspending on laptops? Introducing Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Overspending on laptops? Introducing Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client, a cost-effective computing device that provides simple, secure, and easy-to-manage access to virtual desktops. Laptops are often the default device choice for end user computing, but for customer service and back office workers it is a costlier choice. Not only it is the cost of laptop, but […]

Convert desktop apps to SaaS without refactoring using Amazon AppStream 2.0

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) come in many shapes and sizes. For some, software is their sole business, for others, it can be complimentary to their primary business. Nearly every ISV not born in the cloud, with a portfolio of traditional desktop applications, faces a common challenge: migrating to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or face a host of […]


Securely stream AWS workloads to your remote workers

Organizations running traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) miss out on the optimizations offered by cloud-native technologies. Modernizing VDI helps increase the agility, reliability, and cost optimization of maintaining workloads at scale. Cloud-native AWS End User Computing (EUC) solutions provide a clear path to achieving these benefits out of the box. AWS EUC offers several fully-managed, […]