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Cost Optimizer for Amazon AppStream 2.0 on The Solutionist

One of the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework is cost optimization. Best practices in that pillar include COST01-BP05: report and notify on cost optimization. To help accomplish that, I developed the Cost Optimizer for Amazon AppStream 2.0. It alerts you when AppStream 2.0 app block builders and image builders are active for longer than thresholds you set. It can also stop them automatically.

I recently spoke with my colleagues Rob Higareda and Anil Nadiminti on their Twitch stream, The Solutionist. Our discussion included what led me to create the Cost Optimizer, how it works, how to deploy it, and what’s on the roadmap. To learn more, view the stream on Twitch. To deploy the Cost Optimizer, visit the GitHub repository.

Screenshot of Twitch stream showing the hosts, guest, and an architecture diagram.

Dylan Barlett is a Senior End User Computing Solutions Architect at AWS. He works with global commercial customers to deploy and optimize AWS EUC services. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and home improvement projects.