Desktop and Application Streaming

Securely stream AWS workloads to your remote workers

Organizations running traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) miss out on the optimizations offered by cloud-native technologies. Modernizing VDI helps increase the agility, reliability, and cost optimization of maintaining workloads at scale. Cloud-native AWS End User Computing (EUC) solutions provide a clear path to achieving these benefits out of the box. AWS EUC offers several fully-managed, cloud-native options that align to your organization’s requirements. These offerings include the Amazon WorkSpaces Family, with Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkSpaces Web, and Amazon WorkSpaces Core. For selectively-persistent desktop/application streaming, AWS offers Amazon AppStream 2.0.

In this re:Invent chalk talk, focus on AWS EUC technologies. IT administrators and VDI experts that are looking to modernize their EUC environment should attend this session. The content will provide an overview of what managed solutions are available and how to choose between managed vs. self-managed architectures. We dive deep into example scenarios and explain when certain business requirements align to EUC managed solutions or self-managed VDI on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) securely streamed with NICE DCV.

Fully-managed EUC solutions greatly minimize administrative overhead. This is great for organizations that want to inherit all of the modern benefits of cloud-native VDI. Some EUC workloads may require additional flexibility on the components that are managed by AWS. These workload requirements can be met by shifting to self-managed infrastructure on EC2 that is securely streamed with DCV. Identifying these decision-making requirements is not always easy. Furthermore, in this chalk talk, I dive into when it makes sense for your business to tradeoff additional administrative overhead for increased workload flexibility.

Attendees are encouraged to engage throughout this interactive session. Ask questions directly to the product team presenting to better understand how your requirements change the implementation guidance. This chalk talk appears in the re:Invent catalog as EUC214. Join me at 4:00 PM PST on November 29th in the Caesars Forum, room 123. We look forward to seeing you!

To learn more about the event and sign up for this session, please see the details below. Be sure to visit the team at the AWS End User Computing kiosk 7 at the expo Village in the Venetian. For guidance regarding all EUC activities at re:Invent 2023, see the AWS End User Computing at re:Invent 2023: A sneak peek! blog post.

Date and time Wednesday, November 29 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (PST)
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Andrew Morgan,

Developer Advocate, AWS

Rey Wang

Principal Product Manager, AWS

Andrew morgan Andrew came to AWS in 2019 from a large datacenter environment where he specialized in VMware, Cisco UCS, and automation. Through his time at AWS, he developed a passion for visualization workloads. In 2022, he started his current role as a Sr. Developer Advocate for DCV.
Rey Wang is a Principal Product Manager focusing on remote display protocol technologies at Amazon Web Services. She currently leads product management for WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP) and NICE DCV.