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Enhance Zoom Virtual Meetings on Amazon WorkSpaces with the WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol

We are pleased to announce that Zoom now supports optimized real-time communication for WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP) Windows-based Amazon WorkSpaces. Media Optimized Real-Time Communication (Media Optimized RTC) allows the Zoom media framework to be offloaded to the supported client for direct communication. The direct communication between the WorkSpaces client and Zoom endpoint provides a local-like […]

Enterprise Connect 2024 – Contact Centers powered by Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Enterprise Connect 2024, March 25 – 28, brings together a broad range of enterprise communications and customer experience (CX) professionals. This community is focused on showcasing and learning about exciting new technology, sharing perspectives, and discussing strategies for enabling world-class collaboration, communication, and contact center operations. We look forward to sharing our expertise on modernizing […]

Unified access to AWS End User Computing services

AWS End User Computing (EUC) services include a variety of virtual desktop and application streaming solutions designed to solve a wide array of customer needs. Amazon WorkSpaces provide users with fully managed, cloud-native persistent desktops. With Amazon AppStream 2.0, users securely stream their applications and/or selectively persistent desktops at scale. Amazon WorkSpaces Web provides cloud […]

Citrix announces public tech preview of Citrix DaaS on Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Every year, organizations spend millions of dollars on under-utilized data centers and IT staff required to manage them. We’ve heard from many organizations currently running Citrix on-premises that they like the features included with the Citrix virtual desktop (VDI) management software, but want to leverage AWS Cloud infrastructure to improve return on investment (ROI) and […]

Announcing the NICE DCV Amazon-managed component for EC2 Image Builder

Workloads requiring a high-performance remote display protocol for secure access can now utilize the NICE DCV Amazon-managed component within EC2 Image Builder. Within EC2 Image Builder, Amazon-managed components offer a quick start path to get workload dependencies added to your EC2 Image Builder pipeline. This component provides an automated mechanism to add DCV to visualization […]

Amazon WorkSpaces SAML 2.0 Federation with Keycloak

In this blog, I discuss how customers can use Keycloak as their Identity Provider (IDP) of choice when implementing SAML 2.0 federation with Amazon WorkSpaces. Keycloak is an open-source solution providing a cost-effective means for customers to use enterprise level IDP features without incurring monthly subscription costs. With SAML 2.0 authentication, customers can access their […]

Serverless DCV Resolver Blog

Build a serverless session resolver for your NICE DCV Connection Gateway

Customers are able to implement a custom session resolver for NICE DCV Connection Gateways using serverless AWS services. This approach provides a secure endpoint that resolves DCV connections at scale without requiring dedicated infrastructure. Administrators benefit from the built-in high availability, increase in agility, and cost optimizations offered by serverless technology. End users connecting through […]

Automation of infrastructure and application deployment for Amazon AppStream 2.0 with Terraform

Cloud native application streaming enables end users to access native applications from any device, anywhere, and any time. Amazon AppStream 2.0 service enables application vendors and organizations to simplify and accelerate their native application delivery. As the demand for this service grows, the need to fully automate the deployment gains significance. Orchestrating AppStream 2.0 end-to-end […]

Optimize end user experience for Zoom® on Amazon AppStream 2.0

Customers using Amazon AppStream 2.0 frequently encounter end user experience challenges while using collaboration tools like Zoom®. It can be mitigated by adhering to key recommendations and best practices that can significantly streamline the operations related to AppStream 2.0 environment. In this blog, we will delve into a similar scenario in one of our global […]

Getting Started with Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Increasingly, organizations are considering ways to move away from the deployment and management of traditional thick client endpoints. Factors such as cost, increased security, and a desire for flexibility and simplified management are key drivers for a growing number of customers. Additionally, with the advent of End User Computing services in the cloud, organizations are […]