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How to report Amazon AppStream 2.0 home folder use with Amazon Athena

Customers ask how to analyze Amazon AppStream 2.0 home folder usage so they can track related spend, manage usage, and administer AppStream 2.0 home folders. Customers have questions like: “How much data is User1 using in AppStream 2.0 home folders?” “What are the top 10 largest files being stored and who owns them?” This blog […]

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Enabling Identity Federation with Shibboleth and Amazon AppStream 2.0

Shibboleth is an open-source project that provides single sign-on capabilities and identity federation solution used by research and education communities worldwide. If you are already using Shibboleth IdP, this post shows you how to configure it for Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) identity federation with Amazon AppStream 2.0. Overview The AppStream 2.0 SAML […]

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Cross-account resources and Amazon AppStream 2.0

Some of our customers using Amazon AppStream 2.0 leverage multi-account setups to separate their AppStream 2.0 resources. For these customers, there are many reasons they choose to separate their AppStream 2.0 resources into multiple accounts. However, the most common reasons our customers do this, is for resource and billing isolation and enhanced security. For example, […]

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Using Microsoft AppLocker to manage application experience on Amazon AppStream 2.0

Customers are using Amazon AppStream 2.0 with application control software and policies to manage the streaming of desktop applications to their end users. Customers use the application control software and policies with the clipboard, file transfer, local print permissions, and VPC security groups to provide the right level of integration, control resource access, and manage […]

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User Issue Reporter for Amazon AppStream 2.0

The ephemeral nature of an Amazon AppStream 2.0 fleet instances can pose a unique challenge to administrators when trying to troubleshooting application issues. My previous blog post focused on automating log generation and alerting. In this blog post I will show how you can enable users to report issues themselves when they are currently in […]

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Enable your organizational domain for the AppStream 2.0 client with a Route 53 DNS TXT record

AppStream 2.0 recently added support for creating a Domain Name Service (DNS) TXT record that enables you to enable the domain of the URL the user enters. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application streaming service that allows you to stream your desktop applications to your users. Your users can use the AppStream 2.0 […]

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