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AWS End User Computing at IGEL Disrupt 2024, Miami

As businesses aim to provide employees with seamless, secure, and efficient access to the tools and data required to do their jobs, the demand for end-user computing (EUC) solutions is accelerating. IGEL Disrupt 2024, is a global, three-day event (April 29 – May 1) in Miami, for EUC innovators and thought leaders, focused on delivering […]

Announcing new larger instance types for Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Announcing new larger instance types for Amazon WorkSpaces Web

This week we announced larger instance types for Amazon WorkSpaces Web, a cloud-native hosted browser service that enables users to securely access private websites and software-as-a-service (SaaS) web applications, interact with online resources, and anonymously browse the internet. These larger instance types enable customers to support more resource-intensive use cases like streaming audio or video, […]

Enhance Zoom Virtual Meetings on Amazon WorkSpaces with the WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol

We are pleased to announce that Zoom now supports optimized real-time communication for WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP) Windows-based Amazon WorkSpaces. Media Optimized Real-Time Communication (Media Optimized RTC) allows the Zoom media framework to be offloaded to the supported client for direct communication. The direct communication between the WorkSpaces client and Zoom endpoint provides a local-like […]

Enterprise Connect 2024 – Contact Centers powered by Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Enterprise Connect 2024, March 25 – 28, brings together a broad range of enterprise communications and customer experience (CX) professionals. This community is focused on showcasing and learning about exciting new technology, sharing perspectives, and discussing strategies for enabling world-class collaboration, communication, and contact center operations. We look forward to sharing our expertise on modernizing […]

Citrix announces public tech preview of Citrix DaaS on Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Every year, organizations spend millions of dollars on under-utilized data centers and IT staff required to manage them. We’ve heard from many organizations currently running Citrix on-premises that they like the features included with the Citrix virtual desktop (VDI) management software, but want to leverage AWS Cloud infrastructure to improve return on investment (ROI) and […]

Announcing the NICE DCV Amazon-managed component for EC2 Image Builder

Workloads requiring a high-performance remote display protocol for secure access can now utilize the NICE DCV Amazon-managed component within EC2 Image Builder. Within EC2 Image Builder, Amazon-managed components offer a quick start path to get workload dependencies added to your EC2 Image Builder pipeline. This component provides an automated mechanism to add DCV to visualization […]

Getting Started with Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Increasingly, organizations are considering ways to move away from the deployment and management of traditional thick client endpoints. Factors such as cost, increased security, and a desire for flexibility and simplified management are key drivers for a growing number of customers. Additionally, with the advent of End User Computing services in the cloud, organizations are […]

Exploring Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

IT teams face continuous pressure to do more with less, while dealing with rapid employee turnover and ensuring employees have secure access to their desktops. The customer service and back-office workers don’t require general purpose desktops. Instead, they require secure access to websites and SaaS applications to complete their jobs. Announcing Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client, […]

Getting the most out of VMware Horizon 8 with Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Amazon WorkSpaces Core is a managed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) designed to work with third-party VDI. Organizations running on-premises VDI solutions face pressures to improve agility and reduce costs. Amazon WorkSpaces Core allows organizations using VMware Horizon 8 to combine their existing VDI management software with the security and reliability of the AWS Cloud. Join […]

Streamlining migration of virtual desktop infrastructure to AWS End User Computing

The flexibility of the cloud provides major advantages over on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), but many organizations’ VDI migration projects get stalled due to technical differences, architectural complexities, software licensing challenges, cross-team bureaucracy, and more. Amazon WorkSpaces Core is a managed virtual desktop infrastructure integrated with third-party VDI to improve your migration. Join us at […]