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Getting Started with Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Increasingly, organizations are considering ways to move away from the deployment and management of traditional thick client endpoints. Factors such as cost, increased security, and a desire for flexibility and simplified management are key drivers for a growing number of customers.

Additionally, with the advent of End User Computing services in the cloud, organizations are reassessing the requirement for hosting applications and desktops on physical devices. Using the flexibility of cloud computing, customers can now stream the same applications and desktops to cheaper, small factor devices at a fraction of the cost.

Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client is an affordable end-user device built to work with AWS End User Computing services to provide users with secure, instant access to applications and data through a familiar desktop experience. WorkSpaces Thin Client is a compact device that includes an HDMI-out port to connect to a monitor and a single USB port to connect to a hub. If customers wish to extend the screen across 2 monitors, they have the option to purchase the Zhenyou EVT hub (offered as a bundle with WorkSpaces Thin Client). This hub includes both an HDMI-out port and 4 USB ports. In order to maximize endpoint security, WorkSpaces Thin Client devices do not allow local data storage or installation of applications. The WorkSpaces Thin Client device ships preloaded with device management software.

WorkSpaces Thin Client device gives you instant access to your relevant applications and data through AWS End User Computing services. This suite of services includes Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces Web.

Let’s take a look at what WorkSpaces Thin Client has to offer:

  1. Easy to manage and increased time-to-productivity
    Each device is preconfigured and shipped directly from Amazon Business to end users for easy activation and accelerated time to productivity. IT admins have a full view of deployed devices and remote management control.
  2. Low-cost
    Replace expensive laptop/desktop with low-cost thin client, paired with cloud desktop.
  3. High ROI
    Inexpensive device and streamlined management process help maximize use of limited resources.
  4. Secure
    Company data lives in the highly secure AWS cloud, never on an end-point device. End-user controls help prevent data exfiltration and security breaches.
  5. Secure and fully managed device
    Secure browser traffic to internal websites and SaaS applications. There is no data at rest on the endpoint. Administrators get full view of their device and can manage their registered devices remotely.

How it works

To get started, you log into the Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client Console, from here you will be able to manage your fleet of WorkSpaces Thin Client devices and environments for your team. Click on Get started to create a WorkSpaces Thin Client environment.

A WorkSpaces Thin Client environment provides associated devices with access to an AWS End User Computing service. There are three services to choose from: Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces Web.

Once an environment and virtual desktop service are created, a unique activation code is generated that customers distribute to end users. Using this activation code, end users connect to a virtual desktop service provisioned for them by their administrator via their Amazon Workspaces Thin Client.

WorkSpaces Thin Client is available today in the following regions: us-east-1, us-west-1, ap-south-1, eu-central-1, eu-west-1, eu-west-2 & ca-central-1.

Where to buy

The Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Clients are available in the United States now, with availability in other countries in early 2024. Devices are priced at $195, or $279.99 with an optional hub that allows you to use a second monitor and additional USB peripherals. There’s a $6 per month fee to manage, maintain, and monitor each device, and you also pay for the underlying virtual desktop service.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Cost
  • Set up in minutes
  • Ships directly from Amazon to the end user
  • Centralized management
  • Help strengthen security

Learn more

Check out our Amazon introduction video and view details on Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client End-user Setup by watching our user setup video for further details on how to get started.

Additionally, check out the WorkSpaces Thin Client web page and the Amazon Business Marketplace to learn more.

Peter Fergus is a Senior Specialist Solutions Architect based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been working with the AWS Cloud for more than five years and enterprise infrastructure for over fifteen. Pete is passionate about collaborating with customers to help build optimal EUC solutions in the AWS Cloud.