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Serverless data engineering at Zalando with the AWS CDK

This blog was authored by Viacheslav Inozemtsev, Data Engineer at Zalando, an active user of the serverless technologies in AWS, and an early adopter of the AWS Cloud Development Kit.   Infrastructure is extremely important for any system, but it usually doesn’t carry business logic. It’s also hard to manage and track. Scripts and templates […]

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Using Python and Amazon SQS FIFO Queues to Preserve Message Sequencing

Thanks to Alexandre Pinhel, Solutions Architect from our team for writing this post! Amazon SQS is a managed message queuing service that makes it simple to decouple application components. We recently announced an entirely new queue type, SQS FIFO (first-in, first out) queues with exactly-once processing and deduplication. SQS FIFO queues are now available in […]

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Polling Messages from a Amazon SQS Queue

We’ve recently added a utility class to the AWS SDK for Ruby that makes it easy to poll an Amazon SQS queue for messages. poller = poller.poll do |msg| puts msg.body end Messages are automatically deleted from the queue at the end of the block. This tool supports receiving and deleting messages in batches, […]

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Using Amazon SQS Dead Letter Queues

After Jason Fulghum recently posted a blog entry about using Amazon SQS dead letter queues with the AWS SDK for Java, I thought his post would be interesting for .NET developers as well. Here is Jason’s post with the code replaced with the C# equivalent. Amazon SQS recently introduced support for dead letter queues. This […]

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Subscribing an SQS Queue to an SNS Topic

In version of the SDK we added an enhancement to the SDK to make it easier to subscribe an Amazon SQS queue to an Amazon SNS topic. You have always been able to subscribe queues to topics using the Subscribe method on the SNS client, but after you subscribed to the topic with your […]

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AWS at Symfony Live Portland 2013

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Symfony Live Portland 2013 conference. This year, Symfony Live co-located with the very large DrupalCon, and though I did not attend any of the DrupalCon sessions, I did get to talk to many Drupal developers during lunches and the hack day. It was awesome […]

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