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AWS for Healthcare at ViVE 2022

The AWS Healthcare Team is excited about the upcoming ViVE event in Miami on March 6-9. ViVE is a new event that brings together two industry leaders, CHIME (College of Healthcare Information Management Executives) and HLTH, to address the convergence of technology, leadership, and business transformation in healthcare.

AWS for Healthcare is featuring multiple AWS Leaders in ViVE sessions outlined below. You can find the full event agenda at,, and add the below sessions to your calendar.

Response and Recovery: Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management

Phoebe Yang- General Manager, Healthcare, AWS
Monday March 7, 9:00 AM EST

As personal health information (PHI) becomes more liquid in a digital world, security executives must plan for all breach scenarios, and know what to do when a breach occurs. Join this panel of national experts as they discuss essential strategies for incident response and recovery including plans to mitigate risk, prioritize actions, and develop vital approaches to managing digital health IT and mounting a defense.




Advancing Health Outcomes and Access to Care through Technology

Kim Majerus- VP, Academic Medical Centers, Education, State & Local Government, AWS
Monday March 7, 4:45 PM EST

A growing movement among healthcare leaders is to use technology to address disparities in healthcare access and ultimately improve health outcomes for all sectors of our communities. This movement requires strategic investments in healthcare infrastructure and the creation of new applications, new ways of gathering and analyzing data, and new approaches to care. Kim will discuss real world examples of organizations that have transcended traditional barriers to bring more personalized care to patients.



Designing a Data-Forward Digital Enterprise

Dr. Taha Kass-Hout – Chief Medical Officer and Director, Machine Learning, AWS
Tuesday March 8, 9:00 AM EST

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been constrained by data quality and completeness, insufficient algorithms, AI bias, and lack of data standards and oversight, all further complicated by the sheer complexity of healthcare. Yet, AI and ML in action have made tremendous strides in addressing day-to-day operations, provider burnout, and overall improvements in efficiency and outcomes. As AI becomes more commonplace, it will create a cohesive, interconnected ecosystem for the patient and a valuable asset to health delivery systems. Join this session as leading experts discuss the ongoing process, technical innovations, and measurable value of using data and AI to create sustainable and substantial digital transformation within the health system.


Harnessing Technology for Health Equity- A New Lens for AI

Dr Rowland Illing- Director & Chief Medical Officer, International Public Sector Health, AWS
Tuesday March 8, 2:00 PM EST

AI’s power is undisputed, but whether it looks like a threat or an opportunity depends on the angle of observation. Guardrails are needed to ensure solutions avoid perpetuating discrimination, but AI can close health gaps for marginalized patients—from research participation and prevention to treatment selection and follow up. Panelists will discuss real-world examples of success as well as best practices for implementing and monitoring AI-assisted programs, through the lens of health justice.



Looking forward to seeing you all in Miami. Come by the AWS space at the ViVE Opening Reception on Sunday or reach out through the conference app to coordinate a meeting time with AWS attendees.

To learn more about AWS for Healthcare purpose-built services and solutions for healthcare providers, payors, and healthtech organizations to transform their business and patient care visit,

Kelli Jonakin, Ph.D.

Kelli Jonakin, Ph.D.

Kelli Jonakin is the Worldwide Head of Marketing for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Genomics Industry verticals at AWS. She comes with a background in pharmaceutical research, with a special focus on development and commercialization of biologics. Kelli received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Systems Biology from the University of Colorado, and received an NIH post-doctoral fellowship grant to study Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.