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To deliver patient-centered care, organizations in the heavily-regulated healthcare industry—from providers and payors to healthtech—need to increase the pace of innovation and unlock the potential of data, all while keeping health information secure and private. AWS empowers health organizations to improve patient outcomes and accelerate the digitization and utilization of their data with the broadest and deepest portfolio of cloud services and purpose-built partner solutions.

For the last 15 years, the dedicated AWS team of healthcare professionals and industry experts have collaborated with health organizations to design and deploy solutions with a unified goal in mind: improving patient outcomes. 

Leading healthcare and healthtech organizations use AWS to streamline innovation

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  • Houston Methodist
  • DNAnexus

    Houston Methodist, the eight-hospital system in the Greater Houston area, strives to transform patient care and clinical efficiency. AWS Partner Pariveda Solutions Inc. helped Houston Methodist improve clinical efficiency and alleviate nursing and physician burnout by using AWS voice-activated technology to simplify click-heavy electronic medical record tasks and real-time data capture.

    "Houston Methodist will continue to break down barriers using resources like those provided by AWS and Pariveda Solutions, and it will improve the way healthcare technology is consumed.”
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  • Cerner
  • AstraZeneca

    Cerner Corporation, a global healthcare technology company, focuses on developing ways to use data to enhance clinical and operational outcomes, mitigate clinician burnout, and improve health equity. Cerner uses cutting edge AWS capabilities like AI/ML and speech recognition to digitize records, improve access to patient records, help predict health problems, and reduce overall manual data entry.

    "At Cerner we are committed to transforming the future of healthcare through cloud delivery, machine learning, and AI. Working alongside AWS, we are in a position to accelerate innovation in healthcare."
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  • Anthem
  • Illumina

    Anthem, one of the largest health insurance providers in the US, spends millions of dollars extracting sensitive information from claims forms and attachments. Using AWS managed machine learning services to extract printed text, handwriting, and other data from scanned documents, Anthem automated 80% of its claims-processing workflow thereby reducing the time and money spent on manual tasks.

    “We hope technologies like Amazon Textract will help Anthem become a digital-first organization.”
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  • Philips
  • Ancestry

    Philips develops innovative technological solutions for health and well-being including industry-leading medical devices and software. Its HealthSuite Platform, built on AWS, connects devices to the cloud to help unify patient data and make it centrally available. Philips chose AWS for the scalability, speed to market, and simplified privacy and security compliance it offered engineers.

    "AWS helps us differentiate the HealthSuite Platform by enabling us to provide exceptional data security and privacy off the shelf for our customers around the world."
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  • NHS Digital
  • Grail

    NHS Digital designs, builds, and operates the digital products, data systems, and services for the national healthcare system in the United Kingdom. In response to COVID-19, the team needed to deliver new products and scale existing services at an extraordinary rate. Working with AWS, NHS was able to change at a faster rate than ever before, while maintaining reliable and secure operations.

    “There is so much more energy and ambition for digital transformation within the NHS now than there was a year ago. And because digital services have been consumed at such pace, and with such positive impact, there is a level of confidence about the journey ahead that is incredibly exciting.”
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  • Dedalus
  • Dedalus

    Dedalus Group, a leader in Europe and one of the world’s leading players in clinical and healthcare information systems, leverages AWS to support clinical professionals and healthcare facilities.

    "With AWS we’ve been able to migrate multiple Electronic Patient Record solutions (EPR) to the cloud, which increases the security, performance and reliability for our hospital customers, and allows us to offer EPR solutions as a managed service."
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  • Clinical Systems
  • Analytics & AI/ML
  • Patient & Clinician Experience
  • Medical Research
  • Finance & Operations
  • Core Health IT
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