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Figure 1 – Acquiring DICOM objects from on-premises to AHLI

Integration of on-premises medical imaging data with AWS HealthImaging

The medical imaging industry is used to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. The medical imaging industry has experienced significant growth [1] over the past decade and is expected to continue growing in the upcoming years. This is due to the demand for diagnostic imaging services increasing with the aging population, an increase in the […]

How AWS HealthImaging works: medical image data is created by imaging modalities (e.g. CT scanners, and X-ray), it is temporarily copied to Amazon S3, and then imported to HealthImaging. From there, it can be used by diagnostic viewers and clinical applications (e.g. cloud PACS), for collaboration, and to build, train, and deploy AI/ML.

Introducing AWS HealthImaging — purpose-built for medical imaging at scale

We are excited to announce the general availability of AWS HealthImaging, a purpose-built service that helps builders develop cloud-native applications that store, analyze, and share medical imaging data at petabyte-scale. HealthImaging ingests data in the DICOM P10 format. It provides APIs for low-latency retrieval, and purpose-built storage. Our healthcare customers tell us they want their […]

Implement FAIR scientific data principles when building HCLS data lakes

The FAIR data principles were first proposed in a seminal paper published in 2016 in the Journal Scientific Data. It was written by a group of international experts in data management and curation. To address the challenges that the research community is facing, they proposed FAIR Principles as a framework for making data more discoverable, […]

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Improve Patient Safety Intelligence Using AWS AI/ML Services

Today, healthcare organizations rely on a combination of automated and manual processes to compose, review, and classify patient safety reports. These reports are entered manually by front-line clinicians into the RL Datix reporting system. This entry includes both discrete data points as well as a free-text narrative. Although the data collection process may begin with […]

AWS Clean Rooms is now available for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry

As healthcare and life sciences customers work to advance clinical research, and realize personalized healthcare and precision medicine for patients, they face varying compliance, regulatory, and security requirements as well as disparate data that is siloed across multiple applications and organizations. These customers increasingly need to unlock access to quality data and leverage privacy-enhanced multi-party […]

AWS increases scalability of Epic database performance

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) has increased maximum sizing of global references per second (GRefs/s) for Epic on AWS customers.  AWS now supports operational database workloads of up to 42 million GRefs/s.  This represents a 61% GRefs/s increase from the previous AWS GRefs/s sizing announcement.  This step-change in scalability, delivered on the R6in instance, represents […]

AWS for Healthcare at HIMSS23

by Monty Zarrouk and Kelli Jonakin, Ph.D. | on | Permalink |  Share

The AWS for Healthcare Team is heading to Chicago for the upcoming HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition 2023 event, April 17-21. We are looking forward to engaging with industry leaders and discussing how we can help them deliver on their mission to deliver better patient outcomes for the communities they serve. AWS will showcase […]

Philips and AWS Automate PHI de-identification with machine learning

Philips and AWS Automate PHI de-identification with machine learning

Blog guest authored by Shawn Stapleton, PhD, global Data Science and Innovation lead for Philips Properly de-identified electronic health record (EHR) data is imperative to curate data sets for use in creating insights into population health. Being able to automate this incredibly manual and time-consuming process would speed up your health informatics innovations and time-to-market. […]

The Pathway to better Surgical Care with Operating Room Analytics on AWS

The Pathway to better Surgical Care with Operating Room Analytics on AWS

Blog is guest authored by Dr. André Sander, CTO at ID Berlin and Roland Kopetsch, GM at SectorCon Surgical care is an essential part of healthcare. Yet, the growing volume of surgical procedures is making capacity and delivery of surgical services a major challenge for health systems. Using bio-signal data, advanced sensors and operating room […]

Advance pediatric care using Amazon HealthLake for scalable FHIR-based data analytics

Advance pediatric care using Amazon HealthLake for scalable FHIR-based data analytics

Blog is guest authored by Meen Chul Kim from Children’s Hospital at Philadelphia The ability to quickly and securely share data is a critical success factor for researchers around the world working to find cures for childhood illnesses. Recognizing an opportunity to accelerate this important work, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) partnered with Amazon HealthLake […]