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Executive Conversations: Streamlining Clinical Trial Submissions in the Cloud with Debbie Profit of Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Executive Conversations: Streamlining Clinical Trial Submissions in the Cloud

The success of pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations rests on their ability to bring new therapies to market, which requires submitting clinical trial data to regulatory agencies. However, it involves massive quantities of data and significant manual labor. To automate and optimize the process, life sciences organizations are leveraging curated solutions powered by the cloud—affording them […]

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Accelerate Semiconductor Fab Transformation with AWS

Introduction The high-volume manufacturing of semiconductor devices relies on complex wafer production and packaging processes, supported by a long list of specialized equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers. This heterogenous and globally distributed manufacturing supply chain must work closely with semiconductor design and verification teams. These teams create application-specific integrated circuits (ASICS) and systems-on-chip (SoC) to […]

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Smart Stores

Making the Smart Store a Reality: How Retailers Can Elevate Experiences, Operate Efficiently, and Achieve IT Agility

Believe it or not, despite the massive shift to online purchasing, brick-and-mortar stores are the hub for delivering unified commerce. To be successful and remain viable, retailers must equip stores to elevate the customer experience, operate efficiently, and adapt with agility to changing market dynamics. Use the Past to Guide Your Future With the emergence […]

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