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Top-10 HCLS Announcements from re:Invent

re:Invent is an opportunity to dive into innovative technologies and explore new ideas, and for healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) organizations, it is the time to think about how to reinvent collaborations, improve data driven decision making, and drive new discoveries, all with the goal of improving patient outcomes. At re:Invent 2022, we continued our mission of enabling these organizations to achieve their goals by announcing exciting new purpose-built health services as well as new capabilities within existing services as part of AWS for Health.

re:Invent 2022 proved to be our largest healthcare and life sciences presence to date, with more than 30 HCLS-focused sessions, featuring 17 customer speakers in both sessions and keynote presentations. While there were hundreds of announcements of services and capabilities across all industries, we’re excited to share our Top-10 list of what we think are some of the most compelling announcements for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Top-10 Announcements Important for HCLS:

  1. Amazon Omics Is a purpose-built service which helps bioinformaticians, researchers, and scientists store, query, and analyze genomic, transcriptomic, and other omics data at scale. Then generate insights from that data to improve health and advance scientific discoveries.
  2. Amazon HealthLake Analytics Securely store, transform, query, and analyze health data in minutes using a HIPAA-eligible service that offers a chronological view of individual or patient population health data.
  3. Amazon HealthLake Imaging Store, access, and analyze medical images in the cloud at petabyte scale. Healthcare providers and their software partners can run their medical imaging applications in the cloud to increase scale while also reducing infrastructure costs.
  4. Amazon DataZone Is used to share, search, and discover data at scale across organizational boundaries. Collaborate on data projects through a unified data analytics portal that gives you a personalized view of all your data while enforcing your governance and compliance policies.
  5. AWS Clean Rooms Helps customers and their partners to more readily and securely match, analyze, and collaborate on their combined datasets—without sharing or revealing underlying data.
  6. Amazon EC2 Hpc6id Instances Optimized for High Performance Computing Supports customers’ most intensive workloads with higher per-vCPU compute performance as well as larger memory and local disk storage to reduce job completion time for data-intensive workloads.
  7. AWS Supply Chain Is a cloud-based application that helps supply chain leaders mitigate risks and lower costs to increase supply chain resilience.
  8. AWS AI Service Cards Is a new resource for responsible AI. AWS is committed to developing fair and accurate AI/machine learning (ML) services and providing you with the tools and guidance needed to build AI/ML applications responsibly.
  9. Amazon Verified Permissions Is a central fine-grained permissions management system simplifies changing and updating permission rules in a single place without needing to change the code.
  10. Amazon Athena for Apache Spark Is a new feature to run Apache Spark workloads and use Jupyter Notebook as the interface to perform data processing on Athena, and programmatically interact with Spark applications using Athena APIs.

re:Cap of HCLS Top Sessions

Watch the Adam Selipsky CEO Keynote, featuring Lyell CEO, Liz Homans, as well as the announcement of Amazon Omics. Also watch VP, Swami Sivasubramanian’s Analytics and ML Keynote, featuring AstraZeneca VP of R&D IT, Anna Asberg.

Healthcare Top Sessions On-demand:

Life Sciences & Genomics Top Sessions On-demand:

In addition to celebrating new product launches, we celebrated the continued impact of cloud technology on patients. Although re:Invent focuses on the “how”, it is the people who bring the “why.” Those of us in healthcare and life sciences understand the personal impact of technology, so this year, we decided to feature that personal commitment by asking our AWS employees, customers, and partners to describe their “why”.

As you watch through the session recordings, keep an eye out for our speakers’ personal connections to their work, and think about your “why” as well.

This is My Why as stated by AWS employees and AWS customers

In keeping with the “this is my why” theme, we partnered with AWS customer Children’s National Hospital to create and distribute limited-edition pins featuring patient artists who have been treated at their hospital in Washington D.C. From the “bumble bee band-aid” that represents the hive mentality and coordination of hospital staff to the self-explanatory “kicking cancer’s butt,” these pins serve as a symbolic reminder of our unifying passion for leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes.

AWS partnered with AWS customer Children’s National Hospital to create and distribute limited-edition pins featuring patient artists who have been treated at their hospital in Washington D.C.

While we gave our Top-10 top picks of exciting announcements from this year, there were many, many more that can also be really impactful for your business. Below we recap a few additional service announcements―in case you just can’t get enough.

So many amazing announcements came out of re:Invent in Las Vegas this year, and we are excited to see what the industry can do with this new technology. To learn more about how AWS is bringing new services and solutions to market for healthcare and life sciences customers visit

Kelli Jonakin, Ph.D.

Kelli Jonakin, Ph.D.

Kelli Jonakin is the Worldwide Head of Marketing for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Genomics Industry verticals at AWS. She comes with a background in pharmaceutical research, with a special focus on development and commercialization of biologics. Kelli received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Systems Biology from the University of Colorado, and received an NIH post-doctoral fellowship grant to study Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.