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Test user flows through your Android app with AWS Device Farm’s built-in app explorer. No scripts required.

Starting today, you can view details about how your Android app performs on real devices in the AWS Cloud without writing your own test scripts. AWS Device Farm’s new Built-in: Explorer test deploys an app explorer that crawls your application, analyzes each view it encounters, and interacts with each view’s controls as an end user […]

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Integrating Amazon Cognito using developer authenticated identities: An end-to-end example

In September, we introduced developer authenticated identities, a new feature that allows you to utilize your own end-user identities with Amazon Cognito (read our announcement post). The purpose of this post is to show an end-to-end sample that demonstrates how to integrate this feature with an existing authentication system. Using developer authenticated identities involves interaction […]

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Announcing AWS Mobile SDK General Availability

We are pleased to announce that version 2 of the AWS Mobile SDK has reached General Availability (GA) and is no longer in Developer Preview. Since releasing Version 2 in Developer Preview on July 10th, we have received great feedback from the developer community, and we have made numerous improvements. You can read about some […]

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Using Amazon Cognito to Sync Data

The percentage of people with multiple mobile devices is growing. These people might use their phone on the go and their tablet when they get home. Consequently, they now want to be able to seamlessly transition from one device to another. In previous posts, we’ve talked about how to use Amazon Cognito to provide a […]

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Simplify Web Identity Federation Setup with AWS CloudFormation

Simplify Web Identity Federation Setup with AWS CloudFormation In a previous post, we discussed web identity federation and its use in enabling social login for access to AWS resources associated with a developer’s AWS account. The sample Personal File Store application uses web identity federation allowing users to store data in Amazon S3. In this […]

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Retrieving Media on Android With KitKat

Introduction With the introduction of Android version 4.4 KitKat, the way developers commonly access media files has changed. This post introduces some of the issues relevant to Amazon Web Service customers, including breaking changes to the S3Uploader sample code and how these changes were resolved. What’s new KitKat has introduced a new way of providing […]

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