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Celebrating 20 Years of Open Source at OSCON

AWS at OSCON 2018

In July, the Open Source Conference (OSCON) returned home to Portland, Oregon, for its 20th anniversary, and what a week it was: seeing old friends, meeting new ones, hearing interesting talks, learning new skills with sessions on AI, IoT, blockchain, and re-visiting some favorite places in Portland.

The week began with the Community Leadership Summit, featuring both keynotes and unconference-style discussion sessions. These sessions helped attendees share and collaborate on hot topics, and refine the art of building an effective and engaged community, as in Deirdré Straughan’s unconference session on Marketing Open Source. You can read the collective notes from that session.

During the start of OSCON week, the community and projects arranged many different meetups including a ClearlyDefined Hackathon and the TODO group meetup. Zaheda Bhorat and Henri Yandell spoke at the ToDo Group meeting covering open source tools we’ve released on GitHub and other tools that we use in our Open Source Program Office, and shared new content (from the keynote below) with the larger TODO Community.

In attendance at OSCON for the special 20th Anniversary event were many of the “Open Source giants on whose shoulders we all stand.” The filled expo hall was busy with many of the sponsors and foundations taking part in OSCON. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) hosted an all-day track to celebrate the 20th anniversary, followed by an evening celebration and Q&A with some of the founders of OSI, including Bruce Perens (author of the Open Source Definition), Danese Cooper, and Michael Tiemann, hosted by Simon Phipps, President of the OSI. The event was a who’s who of open source, and it was good to connect with so many long-term contributors in one place.

AWS was a Diamond sponsor and hosted a number of sessions throughout the show, covering a spectrum of what we’ve been working on, including:

We had a great week with customers – thanks to all of you who dropped by our booth and shared your open source stories with us! OSCON is one of our favorite weeks of the year: many ideas and collaborations are built during this week, and we can’t wait to see you back in Portland again in 2019.

Shirley Bailes

Shirley Bailes

Shirley is a senior open source program manager at AWS, striving every day to change hearts and minds and provide value to the communities she serves. In her spare time, Shirley volunteers for open source community events and is still trying to get past chapter 1 of How to be an Extroverted Introvert.

Zaheda Bhorat

Zaheda Bhorat

Zaheda Bhorat is part of the Open Source team at AWS. She has been instrumental in growing the AWS Open Source team and contributions. A computer scientist, Zaheda has held many open source and technology leadership roles for over twenty years. She was one of the co-creators of Google's Open Source Program Office and several successful programs including Summer of Code. She also brings a deep understanding in open standards from her work as head of open standards at Google, and as senior technology advisor for Government Digital Services, UK Cabinet Office. Here she drove policy for the adoption of open document formats. At Sun Microsystems, she led the project and the global community responsible for the success of and At Apple, she managed the EMEA and APAC online service teams. She serves on the UK Government Open Standards Board, and the Mifos Initiative board, where she combines her passion for technology, open source and social good. You can find her on Twitter @zahedab.