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At re:Invent 2016, Adrian Cockcroft talked about Open Source at AWS—Contributions, Support, and Engagement, covering the baseline of what we had been doing up to then in open source. In that talk, he announced that he was creating an Open Source Community Engagement team, and that Zaheda Bhorat had just joined AWS as the Head of Open Source Strategy.

Adrian’s team has since grown to include: Arun Gupta (Principal Open Source Technologist focusing on containers and surrounding technologies), Deirdré Straughan (Open Source Content Lead), Alolita Sharma (Principal Open Source Technologist), and Shirley Bailes (Open Source Community Events Manager).

This team brings a breadth and depth of open source expertise to AWS, with hands-on experience rolling out open source code, driving contributions, building and supporting successful developer communities around the world. And we’ve accomplished a few new things in the last year. In August, we joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, with Adrian representing AWS as the CNCF board member, and Arun coordinating technical engagement with projects and working groups.

At, you’ll find an introduction and our latest news, upcoming open source talks, and more. At, we present some featured projects, along with a way to search across all our GitHub organizations for projects that interest you. In the future, you can expect these sites to grow to include more information and resources on open source at AWS, and how you can benefit and participate.

Today we’re launching this AWS Open Source blog, which will cover a wide range of topics related to AWS and open source, including: projects we own, projects we contribute to, projects that we and others make easier for customers to use on AWS platforms, managed open source projects, other open source projects that can be run on AWS, projects our customers have created that run on/improve/extend AWS, and other open source projects and activities that employees are involved in.

And there’s lots more to come. There will be many open source-related talks at re:Invent next week (look for an upcoming blog post listing them). In particular, don’t miss Adrian and Zaheda’s talk: Open Source at AWS—Contributions, Support, and Engagement on Tuesday, November 28th.

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Deirdré Straughan

Deirdré Straughan

Deirdré has been communicating about technology, and helping others to do so, for 30 years. She has written one book (so far); edited two more (so far); produced and delivered technical training; produced hundreds of videos and live streams of technical talks; written, edited, and managed blogs; and managed events. She has been applying this skill set to cloud computing since 2010, and to open source for even longer. She joined AWS in June, 2017, as Open Source Content Lead. In this role, among other tasks, she is managing editor of the AWS Open Source blog. You can find her at @deirdres on Twitter.