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Amazon is part of the open source community: we've been contributing to hundreds of projects for over a decade. We continue to widen our open source collaboration, increasing code contributions and helping to sustain the overall health of open source. We are committed to working with, supporting, and contributing to new and existing open source projects that provide value to our customers and partners. AWS has always aimed to take technology that was traditionally cost-prohibitive and difficult for many organizations to adopt, and make it accessible to a much broader audience. Open source is just one more way that we seek to make technology more accessible to everyone.  

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AWS promotional credits available for open source projects!

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Projects & Code

Some Projects We Contribute To

Our Open Source Projects

We have over 2500 projects on GitHub, including:

  • PartiQL query language and specification
  • Amazon Corretto, a no-cost, multiplatform, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK with long-term support
  • AWS Amplify, a comprehensive library for building sophisticated cloud-powered apps
  • AWS App Mesh, a service mesh to manage service-to-service communication
  • aws-cli, the universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
  • AWS ParallelCluster cluster management tool to deploy and manage HPC clusters in the AWS cloud
  • Chalice, a Python Serverless Microframework for AWS
  • Firecracker, secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing
  • All AWS SDKs are open sourced,including Go, Java, JavaScript, Boto (for Python), PHP, Ruby, and more
  • Runtimes for Lambda: C++ and Rust
  • s2n, an implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols
  • The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), an open-source framework for building serverless applications, and SAM CLI.

See more projects – or search for projects in your area of interest – at

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Major Memberships & Sponsorships

Contributing to the AWS Construct Library
Change is coming to robotics development: The shift to ROS 2


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