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AWS networking capabilities give you choices for hybrid cloud connectivity, but which service works best for your use case?

Public sector customers have been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) within their hybrid cloud environments since AWS was born in 2006. Most customers have resources on-premises, engaging in multi-year journeys of cloud adoption. Often they are seeking to improve connectivity for migration, cloud bursting, backup and disaster recovery, or leveraging cloud-native technologies from on-premises.

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Colocation of AWS: Remove the friction from cloud migration

Are you stuck in your colocation facility spending precious dollars on maintaining hardware instead of innovating? Well, you are not alone. In the decade plus since Amazon Web Services (AWS) released the first cloud services, organizations around the world are seeing the benefits of letting others run their IT infrastructure so that they can get to business making their apps great. However, when considering a cloud migration, many organizations struggle with how to get started, and often these organizations allow the complexity of a cloud migration to be a barrier to building a migration strategy and roadmap.

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Building Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy with AWS

Public sector organizations continue to push forward and attempt to do more with less. They must find creative ways to innovate and bring new ideas to their organizations, while also facing challenges such as increasing cyber threats and maintaining mission-critical legacy systems. One way public sector customers bring innovation into their organization is with a hybrid cloud strategy.

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