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Connect with Citizens Using the Cloud

Many state and local governments are increasingly focused on expanding their digital services to increase citizen engagement. However, the rapid pace of technological advancement can challenge many agencies as they pursue innovation. To learn how many agencies are transitioning to digital services, GovLoop sat down with Jamie Butler and Brian Tracy, Solutions Architect Managers at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Failing fast: How the cloud allows you to innovate on behalf of citizens

How are startup organizations able to innovate so quickly? Without the large monetary commitment to a physical infrastructure, they can lean on the cloud to provide an environment that allows them to fail—securely and without a large upfront investment. Government agencies are depending on the cloud to do exactly the same – set up an […]

Your Roadmap to IT Modernization: Modernizing Culture & Technology for Effective Transformation

In GovLoop’s guide, Your Roadmap to IT Modernization, Doug VanDyke, General Manager and Director of the U.S. Federal Sector, Amazon Web Services, shares what modernization means, the benefits of modernization, and some of the most critical challenges facing IT executives in the government today.  “In order to keep up with the changes in technology, it’s […]