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Connect with Citizens Using the Cloud

Many state and local governments are increasingly focused on expanding their digital services to increase citizen engagement. However, the rapid pace of technological advancement can challenge many agencies as they pursue innovation.

To learn how many agencies are transitioning to digital services, GovLoop sat down with Jamie Butler and Brian Tracy, Solutions Architect Managers at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In GovLoop’s State and Local Technology guide, they explained what citizen services should look like to effectively engage with citizens through next-generation applications and platforms.

Butler and Tracy began by describing what government’s digital transformation should achieve. “An effective citizen service is one that is intuitive to use,” Tracy said. “It provides timely information or service in this connected world, and it is both easy to maintain and cost-effective.”

Butler agreed: “It can’t be something that requires a lot of training or a manual to operate. It has to be simple, and it should engage customers in a way that they are used to being engaged with.”

Read their full interview in the guide here.

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

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