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ASPPH scales data curation for members with a data lake on AWS

The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) — a nonprofit association with a vision for improved health and well-being for everyone, everywhere — partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professional Services (AWS ProServe) to move their curated data to a managed data lake on AWS. In this blog post, we share how ASPPH and AWS designed and built the data lake and the results of moving to a modern, scalable data architecture.


Medical students learn through virtual clinical rotations

CyberPatient, a Canadian startup, provides an online, digital learning environment to help medical students around the globe practice skills virtually before they ever enter into clinical rotations or step foot into a hospital. In the platform, students can interact with virtual patients and work through scenarios that mimic real life. As more students turn to virtual learning, CyberPatient’s platform is being offered to medical students at no cost.