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New Amazon Inspector Blog Post on the AWS Blog

On the AWS Blog yesterday, Jeff Barr published a new security-related blog post written by AWS Principal Security Engineer Eric Fitzgerald. Here’s the beginning of the post, which is entitled, Scale Your Security Vulnerability Testing with Amazon Inspector:

“At AWS re:Invent 2015 we announced Amazon Inspector, our security vulnerability assessment service that helps customers test for security vulnerabilities early and often. Using Amazon Inspector, customers can automate security testing across development, test, and production environments, identifying security vulnerabilities as part of the entire software development, deployment, and operations lifecycle.

Customer feedback about the Amazon Inspector approach to automated security testing has been overwhelming positive. Customers have told us that with Amazon Inspector, they are able to run security assessments more frequently and are catching security vulnerabilities earlier than they have in the past. However, identifying the security vulnerabilities is only half the battle: the vulnerabilities that are found need to be remediated. Many of our customers have started to integrate Amazon Inspector with their workflow and ticketing systems in order to automate and accelerate the remediation workflow for Amazon Inspector findings. We designed Amazon Inspector with this in mind and thought we would share more detail on one method for integrating Amazon Inspector findings with email, workflow, and ticketing systems.”

To learn more, read the full post.

– Craig