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The Five Ws episode 2: Data Classification whitepaper

AWS whitepapers are a great way to expand your knowledge of the cloud. Authored by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the AWS community, they provide in-depth content that often addresses specific customer situations.

We’re featuring some of our whitepapers in a new video series, The Five Ws. These short videos outline the who, what, when, where, and why of each whitepaper so you can decide whether to dig into it further.

The second whitepaper we’re featuring is Data Classification: Secure Cloud Adoption. This paper provides insight into data classification categories for organizations to consider when moving data to the cloud—and how implementing a data classification program can simplify cloud adoption and management. It outlines a process to build a data classification program, shares examples of data and the corresponding category the data may fall into, and outlines practices and models currently implemented by global first movers and early adopters. The paper also includes data classification and privacy considerations. Note: It’s important to use internationally recognized standards and frameworks when developing your own data classification rules. For more details on the Five Ws of Data Classification: Security Cloud Adoption, check out the video.

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Jana Kay

Since 2018, Jana Kay has been a cloud security strategist with the AWS Security Growth Strategies team. She develops innovative ways to help AWS customers achieve their objectives, such as security table top exercises and other strategic initiatives. Previously, she was a cyber, counter-terrorism, and Middle East expert for 16 years in the Pentagon’s Office of the Secretary of Defense.