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Build your startup’s infrastructure in minutes with Build on AWS

We’re excited to announce the launch of Build on AWS, a new offering from AWS Activate designed to help startups build their infrastructure on AWS in minutes. Build on AWS is a collection of infrastructure templates and reference architectures covering a wide variety of solutions curated specifically for startups. These solutions are built by experts at AWS and based on AWS best practices.

Startups are eager to get started on AWS, but often ask, what’s the best infrastructure for my use case? And while experimentation is often central to creation, startups want to start building the foundations of their MVP as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the launch of Build on AWS, we’ve simplified the first steps of launching scalable, reliable, secure, and optimized infrastructure tailored to startups’ industry or use case. This enables startups to focus on building their core product knowing they’re using AWS best practices for their underlying cloud infrastructure. With hundreds of deployments, every template is ready for production traffic. Startups can also rate the solution templates to help other startups, and request new templates—all from the Activate Console. Startups who need additional support in customizing configurations can also reach out to AWS Support or AWS IQ.

Build on AWS features CloudFormation templates and reference architectures. CloudFormation templates are deployable with a single click, and reference architectures contain an architecture diagram that can be replicated. Within Build on AWS, startups will find basic solutions and personalized solutions. Basic solutions contain core solutions to get started on AWS, including Hosting a WordPress Website on Amazon Lightsail and Building a Data Processing API using Serverless. A guided path is also provided to help startups choose and deploy the right solution. Personalized solutions are solution templates that are relevant to the startups’ industry, interests, and AWS usage. Startups also have the ability to search through all of the templates by use-case or by underlying AWS services.

Start building today

Log in to the AWS Activate Console and navigate to the Build on AWS tab. You can also watch a quick introduction to Build on AWS that includes a brief demo on how to access the templates. Reach out and let us know what you think via the Activate Console, especially if you have recommendations for new templates.

If you’re not a member of AWS Activate, Activate is our startup program that has helped thousands of startups become the household names we all know and love including Airbnb and Slack. Apply for Activate to receive free AWS credits, technical expertise, architecture guidance, training, help with go to market and so much more.

We can’t wait to see what startups build on AWS.