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Berklee College’s Panos Panay on the Mindset of a Musician

Panos A. Panay of Berkelee


Panos Panay wants to change the mindset of music students—and as the Vice President of Innovation and Strategy at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he’s in a great position to do so. At Berklee, Panay says, students are not only learning about music theory and composition, but they are also developing entrepreneurial skills he believes will help them become better musicians. “For musicians, it’s important to have the mindset of a startup,” says Panay, who is also the founder of Sonicbids, a startup that connects bands, music promoters, and brands on one online platform. “Most music colleges are focused on skill development, and not necessarily the mindset that you will need to embark and develop a successful career, however you define it.” At Berklee, Panay adds, students have an opportunity to attend workshops in collaboration with several Ivy League schools, and he’s currently working on developing an executive MBA program to be launched next summer.

Check out our interview below for more with Panay.